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Just read the Lovely Story of our Happy Customer who gave us the chance to create a Memory of Re-uniting their Family in the form of a Merged Family Portrait painting.

Merged portrait painting Customer Review on TrustPilot

Cristina Zamora (From California) Says………

Reuniting a mother and her children in painting

       We are three siblings and we lost our mother 10 years ago, my brother’s birthday was coming and I wanted to gift something to him which reminds him of my mom always. Then I thought how would it look if I can do something that let him feel that our mom is still around us ( she is always ). While searching for such a gift I landed upon the idea of how would it look if our mom and we all siblings in one frame and that too after 10 years.

    Family Portrait Painting was the best way I would do that ( Did not consider Photoshop as it can’t justify the emotions what a hand-painted Portraits do). Then I found Justincanvas on my IG account, at the beginning I was a little bit confused if they can do that but as the conversation started with the team I was well under the impression that they can definitely do this at best.

    I just provided them individual photos which I wanted in the hand-painted portrait painting and they first created a Prototype of the Custom Family Portrait Painting before starting the hand-painted painting.

Given the circumstances and the challenge that was given to them I think they did a fantastic job I do have more painting planned for the near! Thank you for giving us such a memorable painting.

     And have to say the Final Painting was just amazing, it looked so realistic, as it was a picture taken together. Thank you so much Justincanvas team!

     Click here if you wanna see the whole process of how Justincanvas converted Cristina Zamora’s Imagination into a Merged Handpainted Family Portrait Painting.

Another Lovely Story of our Happy Customer who gave us the chance to create a Memory of  their boy “Scout” in form of A Royal Pet Portrait.

Custom Royal Portrait PaintingCustomer Review Justincanvas

Travis Hernandez (From Dellas ) Says……………………

“Scout” in form of A Royal Pet Portrait

    Scout was always a Prince of our house, it was his 7th birthday arriving and I wanted to gift something to scout that reminds us always with the sweet memories that scout brought to our lives.

     Going through many ideas I landed up on Justincanvas IG account and was so pleased by the quality of artwork they created. After discussing with my husband I thought of giving it a try but was initially was very confused about the medium and size of the Portrait Painting. This was solved just in few minutes by the team at Justincanavs they were the One who referred to get a Royal Portrait Painting of Scout and have to say I so pleased that I got that.

   The delivery was on time and they were so helpful and were communicating at every stage of the handpainted Royal Portrait Painting.

  Would like to give some pros and cons of the service:-


1. The communication during the process is Best (They will inform and ask for ur recommendation at every stage and will be ready to rectify any change you want ).

2. The quality of the Portraits Painting is amazing and Realistic.

3. The deposit system of only paying 30% initially and a 100% Money back guarantee.


1.Packaging (It’s not bad but there is a lot of stuff to do to get the painting out of the package)

2.Turnaround time (It’s 20-25 days if it could be between 10 to15 days that will be amazing).

    Would end with a Big Thank You to Justincanvas for creating such a beautiful Portrait Painting of Scout !!!!

Another Lovely Story of our Happy Customer who gave us the chance to create a Beautiful Memory of their Engagement in form of an Oil Painting.

custom handpainted portrait Customer Review | Justincanvas | Photo to painting

Rosy Dey ( From Edinburgh, UK) says …………………..

Beautiful Memory of our Engagement

   Was thinking of gifting something to my fiance as on the day of our marriage but was really confused as what to. Then one of my friends recommended going for a Hand-painted Portrait Painting from Justincanvas.

     It was so easy to get a Portrait Painting online was surprised that my gift was at my doorstep within 25 days.

    I went for an Oil Painting for my Portrait and have to say that the Painting looked a replica of the Photo provided by me ( Actually even better than the Digital Photo).

  My fiance was so surprised and happy with the Painting that he decided even to get a Handpainted Portrait of our Marriage Photo too.

Now I am waiting for our Marriage Portrait Painting to arrive !!!

Justincanvas team is the Best when it comes to understanding the right need of their customer. Thank you once again.

 Story of uniting our Customer’s Mother-in-law with her Childrens and Husband in form of A Merged Family Portrait Painting.

Hand-Painted Merged portrait painting Customer Review on Trustpilot

Erendira Pimentel (from California ) Says …………………

Astonishing Work Done

    I didn’t have a photo of my boys with my mother-in-law cause she passed away before she would meet them and wanted a Portrait painting which could bring them together. But was confused about how I wanted that to be then I found Justincanavas IG account and started a conversation with the team to get into what I was imagining about in my mind.

From the beginning, they were so patient with what I had in mind. I kept changing my mind not knowing what I really wanted, yet they listened and were very patient and attentive to what I wanted to bring together. They kept me updated almost every week on the progress of my oil painting. They sent pictures of the progress and was already in awe. The final result was spectacular!!! The details are astonishing and captivating. This is my first but not last time doing business with JustInCanvas. I will definitely be back along with my memorized family members. The price is very manageable and worth every cent.

Click here if you wanna see the whole process of how Justincanvas converted Erendira Pimentel Imagination into a Handpainted Portrait Painting.

 Smile of Happiness when we are able to bring someones Loved one back in form of A Memorial Portrait Paintings.

Hand-Painted Mother portrait painting Customer Review on Trustpilot

María González ( From Texas ) Says ……….

    My mother passed away a few years ago and I missed her a lot. I always wanted a Big Portrait of her at my Bedroom but was not able to make up with the conventional Digital Portraits. Then I saw a Portrait Painting created by Justincanvas on their Instagram account and Bang !!! This was what i was looking for !!!

    I checked in some more handmade paintings by them and made my mood to get a Memorial Painting of my Mommy.

    I was clear that I want an Oil Portrait Painting but was a little confused about what background I want, was preferring something that makes me feel that my mommy is blessing me from Heaven. And God I have to say that the Artist Just created a Masterpiece. The sky in the background feels such that my mommy is smiling and blessing me from Heaven.

 The experience was just amazing and the team is so cooperative and understanding, that they will know what’s going in your imagination.

 Have to say Ur Tag Line fits perfectly “You Imagine We Create “

The Greatest Satisfaction is when we are able to meet the emotions behind the Portrait Painting.

hand-painted portrait Customer Review Justincanvas

Anay Goyal (From Canada ) Says………

The Greatest Satisfaction

    My mom passed because of cancer when I was 15 and since then I missed her so much. It was my Dad’s birthday coming and I knew he is the One who misses mom more than anyone does.

    Wanted to gift something which will let him feel that my mom is always with us but was a little bit confused about what to go for. Then one my friend suggested to go for a Handpainted Portrait Painting, initially was not so interested in it but while searching through the internet my interest got converted into a decision of getting a Portrait Painting of my mom.

Justincanvas was referred by my friend to me, so decided to give it a try and must say that was the best decision I took. I can’t express the emotional reaction of my father when he saw the Portrait Painting he was just looking at the painting for 10 mins.

I just want to Thanks the artist for creating such a painting. 

” Memorizing the Movement that Matters the Most is what our motto is “.

customized handpainted painting customer review

Olivia (from India ) Says………

    After being in a relationship for almost 5 years we decided to get engaged and was thinking him to surprise by some unique gift. After considering many things finally, I landed upon giving him a Handpainted Portrait Painting of our first meet.

    I heard of Justincanavas an online Portrait Painting site which offered Quality handmade Paintings by professional artist from my friend so decided to go for it. 

   The process was so easy it just took me 5mins to order and explain stuff to the team and the Portrait arrived at my doorstep within 20 days.

    And have to say that their customer support is so cooperative that they will be updating you in every single stage of the painting 

   I loveed ur work ..the portrait painting looks totally realistic and incredibly beautiful I just loved it, thank you so much.

” Sometimes the silence speaks that all  “.

hand-painted portrait review

James (from Australia ) Says……….

My Mom passes away 2 years ago and I missed her so much. She was a travel enthusiast just like me and we use to travel a lot together.

Just a month before she left us we went on a trip to Malaysia. Was having the thought of memorizing a photo of us from that trip as a Portrait Painting at my house and going through the internet got in touch with team Justincanvas.

Told them the story and emotion behind my painting, they recommend be to go for an oil portrait and I agreed. After 20 days I received the Painting and I was like totally nostalgic.

Thank you for the wonderful Portrait… I totally loved this, In the future, I will give you a preference without even a single thought whenever have to paint a portrait… Keep up the good work


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