Cool Ideas to Turn Photos into Gifts : DIY,Handmade,Customs etc

Gifts here and gifts there !!! We always end up buying or receiving gifts every month. Soo many gifts and that many ideas. We don’t want to repeat any gift. Do you end up giving Coffee Mug at last ?? It’s insulting nowadays when you gift someone coffee mug 😉 No worries we are here to think for you. We got some Cool Ideas to Turn Photos into Gifts which will amaze your loved one always.

Photos bring back some of the most memorable movements of our life. Be it your school camp or college tour or Office Party or your first date 😉

So why not use this as an element to convert the photo into a beautiful gift which will have a personal touch of memories.

Here is the list of the Best Ideas on the Internet and which are easily assessable in practicality.

We have classified it into Do It Yourself ( DIY ) and Get it done online 

 –  Do It Yourself (DIY)

1.Polaroid Pop-Up Cards

 Turn Photos into Gifts polarized gift

Pop-ups are always surprising as life is 😉

Make this Polaroid Pop up easily at home and with the pop-up surprise add another with the most memorable photo.

Show some creativity 😉

How to make this?

2.Photo Lollipops -Turn Photos into Gifts

 Turn Photos into Gifts lollipop

Everybody likes Lollipops 😉

This is easy. First, you have to do is eat lots of lollipops to get those sticks 😉

Just kidding 😀 You can get them at your nearest stationery shop.

Just make an appropriate circle which tends to fit your photos properly, stick then on the stick and Boom 😉

Done with an amazing photo to gift idea 🙂 Easy it was.

3.Polaroid Postcards

 Turn Photos into Gifts postcard

Because polaroid photos look so cool. You can convert any photo into polaroid photos online and get a good print of them.

The postcard was so famous in the 20s. So go some retro in style.

Follow these steps to get it done 

4.Memory Candles

 Turn Photos into Gifts memory candle

Going out of the box from the just cut and stick methods.

This technique uses black and white photocopies and transparent contact paper to transfer images to glass votive candleholders.

It just looks like you have done a painting from a photo on the glass.

Check out the whole steps here.

5.Handdrawn Photo to Sketch

 Turn Photos into Gifts photo sketch

Everyone can draw 😉  at least have tried drawing( sketching ).

Just try once sketching from a photo, we know what we are talking about, you will say I am not a sketch artist who can I?

Well, we are not talking about a perfect photo to painting, we are just saying a rough sketch looks cooler something that’s perfectly drawn sketch.

There are many youtube tutorials about how to draw a basic sketch. You can definitely check those out and create a painting from a photo for your loved ones.

If you wanna really get a perfect or professionally done photo to painting we have a suggestion  😉

Just click here. 

6.Photo Star

 Turn Photos into Gifts photo star

To make the most memorable star for stars of your life you just have to follow few steps.

It can be customized to stick or just hang on the wall.

Go a step forward and you can create a constellation of your stars.

7.Glowing Photo Spheres

 Turn Photos into Gifts glowing sphere

Let your gift shine the most in the night 😉

This is also one of the longest and more creative mind stuff but remember hard work pays off 😉

Just follow this step to make one for you.

8.Gift Tags – Turn Photos into Gifts Turn Photos into Gifts tags

It easy we don’t need any tutorial for this.

Get some good photos just reduce their size online and print them all.

Cut them in a tag shape and just tie a good thread to it.

It’s done.

9. Drawing a caricature

 Turn Photos into Gifts caricatures

Caricatures look so cool !!!

And the best part of caricatures is you don’t need to be perfect at all 😉

You can need a photo of the person you wanna draw and you are ready to convert the photo into a painting 😉

There are some tutorials too which can help you get some professional touch.

But we advise you don’t need them. Just try painting from photo and we definitely know you will end up creating a funny caricature for sure 😉


 – Get in done Online

1.Custom face stickers

 Turn Photos into Gifts stickers

Get this cool sticker and let them see them everywhere 😉

This really looks cool and there are many customizations in this too.

Get it at Amazon now 

2. Rubik’s cube

 Turn Photos into Gifts face Rubik cube

That’s a tricky gift, converting the traditional Rubik cube into a  multifaced one.

The difficult part in this is you have to teach the other person firs how to solve it 😉

Get your customized Rubik Cube here.


 Turn Photos into Gifts miniature

Freeze your happy movements with a replica of it, in the form of a toy !!

Who didn’t like toys in their childhood from transformers to barbie doll 🙂

Everyone in the house had their special attachment toward their toy collection.

So now have your own customized toy of your real superhero in life 😉Turn Photos into Gifts with these cute miniatures.

You can get this here.

4.Wooden memory Set
 Turn Photos into Gifts wooden memory set

“Touch wood,”  this quote tells us how lucky we find the pice of wood in the traditions.

So keeping the old tradition alive with a new version of it, we got all customize personal apparel made of fine wood which will always be with you or your loved one as a Lucky Charm. ( Note- All wood used to make the products are of dead Tress)

You can get a customized set of personal apparel such as a Wooden Diary, a wooden pen, and a Wooden Mobile Case.

Order now and be blessed always.

5.Professional Handmade Portrait Painting

order a personalized paintings Online

Getting a Portrait Painting from a photo by a professional artist is one of the Best Gifts in our list.

Because this is the only gift in our list which is 100% customized and handmade.

Painting photos into a real art is not an easy task and especially creating a painting of a person with whom there are emotions attached behind.

The canvas painting from photo is done by Best Professionals Artist in the market.

And it is easy than searching Portraits Painter near me and then explaining them a long procedure.

Get your self a beautiful painting on canvas in  Four Easy Steps

We definitely can say this is the Best Photo to Portrait Painting website currently.

This the most memorable and Personalised idea to Turn Photos into Gifts.

6.“Magical” reveal Pillow

 Turn Photos into Gifts magic pillow

Rub and see the magic 😉

This Magical Reveal Pillow is surely a surprising factor.

You can also prank them coz till you don’t rub this magical pillow it looks like a normal pillow.

Gets your now.

7.Digital Frame  Turn Photos into Gifts digital frame

For the Photos lover, this Digital Frame is the Perfect Gift.

Yup, it is not a photo to gift item.

But sometimes photos carry the best memories.

Get now.

8.Caricature Flask

 Turn Photos into Gifts caricature flask

For the whiskey lover there.

An all customized flask with the best caricature around.

You can get all creative with this flask.

Turn Photos into Gifts into an Alcoholic Art 😉

Get it now and never run out of alcohol 😉

With this, we end up our blog of the best photos into gifts ideas. I hope this helped you.

If you are looking for gifts ideas have a glance at our other blogs too.

Happy Gifting 🙂

Stay Connected 😉





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