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If you’re ready to get your Holiday shopping underway, but you’re not sure what to buy for all the kids on your list, we’ve got you covered. From the hottest new toys out this year to old favorites from years past, we tested everything to ensure that every item on our list is something kids will actually want, from toddlers to pre-teens. Get the Best Christmas Gift for Kids!!

Looking for a Suprise and Memorizing Gift, then A Portrait Painting from your Favorite Photo is what you need !!!!!!

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1.A Baby Hand-painted Oil Portrait Painting 

Baby Hand-painted Oil Portrait Painting

Childhood is something which is considered as the best period of human life. The innocence on the face of a child is priceless, so why not to perverse this priceless expression by converting custom portrait painting from photo.

Yes, you can now hire an artist to paint a handpainted portrait from photos online too. At Justincanvas anyone can get their photos turned into beautiful custom handpainted portraits in just a few steps.

And the Best part is you don’t need to have fine knowledge about paintings, their sales team leads you to the best suitable artwork in terms of choosing the right medium and size as per your requirement.

You can have a look at the Memories created by them.

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2.Dyson Ball Vacuum

Ball Vacuum

Parents will love this pretend Dyson vacuum—it has real suction! Your little helper will be practicing hand-eye coordination skills while feeling like part of the cleanup team.



3.Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story Ultimate Walking

Bring all the fun from the hit “Toy Story” movies home with their own walking, talking Buzz Lightyear. Recommended for ages 3 and up, he stands 7 inches tall and has a light-up laser.



4.Swagtron Swagboard T5 Entry Level Hoverboard


For one of the coolest rides around, there’s this hoverboard. It can reach maximum speeds of about 7 miles per hour and is designed for entry-level riders up to 187 pounds. This one is best left for older kids who can control it safely.

One of the Best Christmas Gift for Kids on the list.



5.Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

Jumper for Kids


Sturdier and easier to use than a traditional pogo stick, this foam jumper still offers all the bouncing fun. Recommended for ages 3 and up, it can be used indoors or out and can support jumpers up to 250 pounds.



6.Bit Coding Robot as Christmas Gift for Kids
Coding Robot

Ozobots are the coolest little robots that let kids do big things when it comes to coding. With markers and stickers, they can program their bot to follow their commands. It’s recommended for ages 6 and up, or those just dipping their toes into the world of coding.

This not only educational but also cool Christmas Gift for Kids



7.Flybold Slackline Kit as a Christmas Gift for Kids

Flybold Slackline Kit

Kids who like action and thrills will love this slackline kit. It comes with everything they need to practice their balance skills in their own backyard or anywhere else. It’s versatile enough for everyone from beginners to pros and fun for the whole family.

An Action pack Christmas Gift for Kids



8.Disney Vespa

Disney Vespa

Now your Disney princess can cruise around in style! Decked out in decals of Moana, Ariel and other popular characters, this white Vespa can take your little ones up to 2 mph while you roam your neighborhood park together. $147,



9. BOY MEETS GIRL® x CARE BEARS Clothing Collection

Clothing Collection

Saks Fifth Avenue is on a roll with its pint-sized clientele thanks to its super-cool Frozen II merch and an adorable Care Bears collection, which debuted on Dec 14. The pastel-clad lineup is perfect for the little bears in your life: Expect comfy sweatshirts, t-shirts, onesies, and more options to keep your little one stylish and happy, courtesy of their favorite characters. Various prices.

Most Stylish Christmas Gift for Kids



Looking for a Suprise and Memorizing Gift, then A Portrait Painting from your Favorite Photo is what you need !!!!!!

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10.FAO Schwarz Teddy


Schwarz Teddy

We’re getting some Nutcracker vibes from these posh plush! There’s no doublt that this bear will take the task of guarding Santa’s cookie plate seriously. $45,



11.Hot Wheels Garage as Christmas Gift for Kids

Hot Wheels Garage

Car enthusiasts can store their favorite toy automobiles in the gnarly Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage before sending their speed machines down winding slides! The set features 36 parking spaces, as well as lights, sounds and other cool components for toy vehicles! $200,



12.Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior

Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite WarriorLet the battles begin with these cool spinning tops that just may burst into pieces as they fight it out. Four tops come in this package, but launchers aren’t included. It’s recommended for ages 8 and old



13.Set Of Monopoly 

Set Of Monopoly The classic game Monopoly takes a twist with this “Stranger Things” edition. It features various fun nods to the hit show, including forts and hideouts rather than houses and hotels, and Walkie-talkie and Blinking Lights cards instead of Chance and Community Chest cards. Recommended for ages 14 and up, it can be played by up to eight players at a time.




14.Train Junction for Kids 


Train Junction for Kids

What Christmas tree is complete without little locomotives beneath? Let your conductor set up shop near your Douglas fir with a 33-piece kit that includes a small wooden track and decorative trinkets. $45,



15.A Sweatshirt from past 



Sweatshirt from past 

T. Rex and co. may be prehistoric, but they’ll never go out of style—and this cozy long-sleeve shirt proves it! $10,



16.Dino Ride as Christmas Gift for Kids

.Dino Ride

Toddlers can take a literal ride on the wild side with a portable triceratops that they can also feed. Who could say no to hanging out with a dino? $79, 


17.A Beloved Pet and Child Acrylic Hand-painted Portraits


kid with pet dog oil portraits



We didn’t need to explain the bond which is between children and our loved pet family members.

So why not to preserve this bond forever in the form of a pet and baby photo to handmade painting. Framing a digital photo is just outdated and digital things cant be compared to the feeling you get when you see a handpainted painting by a professional artist.

Its something that will be even their when you have grandchildren of your children, it’s a gift which will memories the bond between the pet and the master forever.

Getting yourself a Custom Portrait painting online is easy now, all you have to do is follow a few steps and the Handpainted Portrait will be delivered to your doorsteps in less than a month.

You can see some of the artwork to decide.This the most Memorable Christmas Gift for Kids

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18.An All in One Bag 


An All in One Bag 

This toy is full of surprises—more than 60, in fact. Inside the sparkly purse are dolls, pets, face masks, and other fun accessories. This bundle of fun is recommended for kids ages 5 and older.



19.For tweens: A kid-friendly Amazon Fire tablet

A kid-friendly Amazon Fire tablet


The Amazon Fire 8 Kids edition is our favorite tablet for kids, thanks to how easy it is to set-up and use. It also comes with plenty of pre-installed apps and videos so that you won’t be forced to spend your entire Holiday break downloading—and purchasing—a boat load of games for your kid.

The Fire 8 Kids Edition also comes with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which provides access to more than 13,000 age-appropriate games, apps, videos and books.



20.A gravity-powered marble run 

gravity-powered marble run 

Science-minded kids ages 8 and up will go gaga over GraviTrax, a super cool kit that enables them to design and build their own marble runs. There are no electronics here, just plain old science in the form of gravity, magnetism, and kinetics.

Kids will spend hours designing different track systems to discover which is the fastest. The starter kit includes over 100 pieces and 18 different construction elements, including junctions and a magnetic cannon. Additional add-on sets can be purchased to create even longer marble runs, and make great gifts for future birthdays and holidays.



21.For kids of all ages: Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate


A subscription to Kiwi Crate is the gift that keeps on giving long after the excitement of the Holidays has waned. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, Kiwi has a box that’s designed just for them.

While pre-readers will need some adult assistance to follow the directions, the projects included in each box are fun, creative, and educational. My kids loved their recent human body-themed Kiwi crate, and Editor in Chief David Kender’s son is also a fan.

An artistic Christmas Gift for Kids



22.An old school instant camera

instant camera


If your child is rocking the ’90’s fashion VSCO girl outfit, complete their look with the OG iPhone camera, a Fujifilm Instax. This kit comes with everything your budding photog needs to create old-school instant photos, including film, a special selfie filter, and cute sticker borders.

Tweens and teens will love layering on the jelly bracelets, putting scrunchies in their hair, and documenting all of their antics on their new old-school instant camera.



23.The best kids headphones

best kids headphones

Between the long battery life and comfortable over-the-ear fit, the Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet headphones have a lot to offer.

After testing all the top options, we named Puro’s noise-canceling headphones the best headphones for kids for those features as well as their consistent ability to play only at safe levels for developing ears.

Best Christmas Gift for Kids who love Music.



24. A Memorial Merged Custom Family Portrait Painting.

Memorial Merged Custom Family Portrait Painting.

Having a Full Family Portrait at home is something we always desire of !!!!!

But unfortunately, some of the family members who left us for a better place in heaven didn’t have a chance to meet the newborn generation.

Getting them digitally together via photoshop by merging different photos is also an option but we don’t think so it justifies the feeling and emotions behind creating that.

So we go something for you i.e Justincanvas feature of Custom handpainted Portrait from different photos.

In this feature, you can add any one of your loved family members from individual photos, and the artist would create a Family handpainted Portrait as if it was created while all were together.

Getting this Family Portrait from multiple photos online is easy now.

So just visit Justincavas and upload your multiple images, see the prototype, approve it and get the Custom Merged Family Painting at your doorstep.

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For other gift ideas please check our other blogs.

Looking for a Suprise and Memorizing Gift, then A Portrait Painting from your Favorite Photo is what you need !!!!!!

View More Artwork


Happy Gifting 🙂

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