29 Best Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020- Most Affordable

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

“Daddy, a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love” 

As we celebrate Mother’s Day to embrace all the hard work done and love our mumma’s has given us, how can we forget the Man of the House for his hard work and love?

We believe there is no specific day to celebrate the relationship we share with our parents it cant be expressed just in one day !!

But we can make feel him or her special at least on that day by gifting a token of appreciation in any form we can.

We got some of the really exciting Gift Ideas for every kind of Dad there 😉

Be a techie Dad or a Treckky Dad 😉

So just let us begin we the gits down:-

1. An Amazing Sketch of Him

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas /sketch for him

A  100% handmade sketch of him is one of the most memorizing gifts you can get on the list.

The sketch will be with him for years.

For getting him a perfect pencil sketch all you have to choose a good photo of him which you wanna convert into a sketch.

Get this done with the best in the market for custom painting portraits.

You can get a perfect photo converted into handmade paintings in other mediums too such as oil or colour pencils too.

2. A Barbeque Grill

Barbeque Grill / Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Barbeque a favourite outdoor activity of every dad!!

We all know that men may not be better at cooking but when it comes to barbeque “Men are Best”.

A perfect Grill Barbeque to place beside your pool.

Enjoy perfect grill meat at every pool party and let dad be the star of every party 😉

3. A Bold Man Beard Kit.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas/ A Bold Man Beard Kit.

This is one of the affordable Father’s Day gifts.

Simple beard grooming kit which consists of Beard Oil, Shampoo, cream, etc.

This type of Kit almost every man needs for taking care of their grooming. You can easily get few options in this at amazon

There is a lot of variety when it comes to a grooming kit from low to high range.

A Unique Father’s Day Gift for the Beard-loving Dad.

4. All in One Multipurpose Mini Tool

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas / All in One Multipurpose Mini Tool

No More carry around a whole toolbox when Multitool Hammer fits into your pocket.

No More constantly run back and forth to get tools.

Packed with multifunctional tools to assist with your men’s needs when working in Home improvement, Carpentry, and other DIY projects.

This Fathers day Gift can help your dad create a lovely DIY Gift for you too 😉

Get yours now

5. Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas / Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

After all that work all day, your dad deserves something comfortable to slip on his feet!

These are great for sore, achy feet, and can even help with plantar fasciitis.

Just a perfect pair of things to relax and recover waiting for your favourite Netflix series 😉

Get your pair here.

6. Etched Pint Glass

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas / Etched Pint Glass

A totally customized pint beer glass for your dad !!
For the beer-loving dads there.
This pint glass offers double-sided etching for ultimate personalization.
This is also one budgeted Father’s day gift

7. Breville Juice Maker Fountain.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas /juice maker fountain

We all know healthy is to have juice.

So we got a cost-effective juicer for you as we are aware of how costly are juicer there in the market.

This one is easily available on amazon.

This gift will also make him realize you when he makes a glass of healthy juice.

8. Grilling Tools.

Grilling Tools. / Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Your dad will love this grilling tool and eventually the moms out there too as this are so well organized.

If your dad is a Barbeque lover this is surely the best father’s day gift for him.

Get it now.

9. A Perfect Family Painting

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas -A Perfect Family Painting

We all have a desire to have a perfect family portrait painted and showcase it on the wall of our living room.

You can get a perfect Family Portrait painted from him this father’s day.

Just to get that you have to do is get a good quality digital family photo which will be converted into a beautiful handmade family portrait.

For getting your family portrait just visit justincanvas and do check out Family Portrait Gallery to get an idea so that you can get the best portrait painted for yourself.

10. uKeg GO ( A Beer Storage device )Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - uKeg GO ( A Beer Storage device )

For the beer lover dads there we got a storage device that keeps your beer fresh.

Just enjoy ice-cold, carbonated beer every time with you on a picnic, campsite, or even in the backyard.

No need to drink the bottled beer more.

Enjoy freshly brewed beer every time.

11. Mini Tactical Tomahawk Hatchet

Mini Tactical Tomahawk Hatchet -Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Be it for an adventure trip or just for security purpose this tomahawk hatchet not only looks great but also cuts well 😉

For all those hunting or just a carpenter thing or just a showpiece in the living room.

This tomahawk doesn’t disappoint you in any terms.

Get it now.

12. Gillette Heated Razor

Gillette Heated - Justincanvas.com - Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Get dad the most premium experience when it comes to shaving.

The world’s first heated razor will give him the soothing warm towel shave.

This kit consists of a heated razor handle, 2-5 blade refills, a magnetic wireless charging dock, and a smart plug.

Get it on Amazon now.

13. Whiskey Wedge

whisky glass - Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

This amazing Whiskey Wedge will keep his favourite whiskey chilled not watery.

It not as the conventional ice cubes which melt into water and mess with the whiskey taste.

Get the Whiskey Wedge here.

14. A lovely Portrait of his Baby Pet.

Pet Color Pencil Sketch - Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

We all know how much daddy loves his baby pet and how close are dad and pets.

A Pet portrait is the perfect father’s day gift for him.

You can get the portrait painted as a pet oil portrait, pet acrylic portrait, pet pencil sketch portrait, pet color pencil portrait, and a pet charcoal portrait.

It easy to get a pet portrait online now.

As we ship worldwide too 🙂

15. An Electronic Foot Massager.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - An Electronic Foot Massager.

This is a perfect food massager for dad after a long tiring day of work.

This gift not only gives relaxation to dad but can also be used by every member of the house.

It provides the perfect amount of massage with its multi-level settings.

You can get it your easy through Amazon.

16. The Best Coffee Maker.

a-perfect-coffee-maker - Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

A cup of strong coffee is the best thing we can get in the morning.

So here is the perfect coffee maker that will blend the perfect cup of coffee every time you desire that.

And most important its a family gift though 😉

17. Amazon echo

Amazon echo -Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

You can say the most useful and multipurpose gift in our list 🙂

Yes, you hear it right it is one of them 😉

Especially a period when you are at home for a long time we need someone who listens to us 😉 and we know that moms don’t listen to dad 😉

So a member that listen to him always 🙂

You Can Order Here

18. A Personalised Lighter

A Personalized Lighter -A Personalised Lighter / Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

For the Cigar lover dads there !!

We got something for you too.

A perfect lighter with a blue flame which can bare almost every wind

It’s not only for the Cigar lover but also can be used by Camping freak dad too !!

19. A Personal  Projector

A Personal  Projector -Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

For the Movies and series lover dads there !!

We know that not only we love our Netflix shows but our parents also do 😉

So a personalized projector to watch your and their favourite Netflix series with all the right theatre feeling 😉

Get Here

20. A Portrait of your Childhood.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - A Portrait of your Childhood.

The most beautiful part of any parent’s life is the childhood of his children.

So just make those memories get the rewind and enjoy the stories of your childhood with your parents this fathers day 😉

A nice way to spend some family time.

That a Unique Father’s Day Gift to be remembered life long.

To get the best in the market  Baby Portrait all you have to do is go to justincanvas.com and follow the simple process:-

  • Take a picture and just upload it at justincanvas
  • Select a medium from oil painting, colour pencil painting, charcoal painting, acrylic painting, and pencil sketch
  • Select the size
  • Pay just 30% of the amount

Easy as to cut a piece of cake 😉

21. Midnight Smoker.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - Midnight Smoker.

The Midnight Smoker Gift Set is a mix of a stay at home humidor and smokes anywhere travel set.

The full set comes with a wallet for the poker winning or cash to add to your cigar stash.

The best part of the gift is the personalized travel case which comes with a stainless steel cutter.

The cutter can be carried in the case of quick and easy cutting and lighting.

There are no better cigar lovers set than this one.

22. Personalized Tie.

Personalized Tie -Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

A professional gift with a personal touch behind 😉

This personalized custom message tie will always remind him of you whenever he gets ready for an occasion or meeting 😉

You may also print your child’s photo, hand or footprints, message or drawing in this 100% cotton quality ties.

You may also choose from a variety of designs and colours depending on dad’s preference.

23. A Gentleman’s Gift set.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - A Gentleman's Gift set.

Let the classic man come out 😉

Nothing looks more classic than a man in a suit 😉

So to complete the classic man look we got a pair of customized Cuff Links, Money Clip, and Tie Bar.

Just get this classic set.

24. Caricature Flask.

Caricature Flask-Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

This product includes a hand-crafted drawing printed on a 7 oz, 100% food-grade stainless steel flask, and offers customizable messaging options for anniversary dates, names, and more.

It looks amazing and something Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea from the conventional gifts.

You can click here to know more about it.

25. Personalized Leather Phone Case.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas -Personalized Leather Phone Case.

This stylish and 100% leather phone cover case can be engraved with initials of your dad.

Looks smart and executive 😉

It a long term gift though. You can get it in different sizes and colours.

26. Gadget Travel Bag.

Gadget Travel Bag-Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

For the travel-loving dad, this gadget travel bag can help him organize all his gadgets in one place.

Handcrafted and made with premium materials, this full grain leather has 7 slots of different sizes to hold the smaller items, a dedicated Apple Pencil holder and a secret pocket for money

You may choose from linen or leather interior for that luxurious touch.

27. A Merge portrait

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas -A Merge portrait

For the not, so photogenic families there out. No worries if you don’t have a family picture together.

We can create a beautiful family portrait  there out from different photos merging them together

Just read the steps in the blog to get yourself a family painting.

28. Dads Watch Collection Set.

Dads Watch Collection Set / Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

We all have someone who loves his watches.

If your dad is among them then this is the perfect father’s day gift for him as this watch collection set adds a monogram across the glass display case style lids.

29. Dads Decanter.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - Dads Decanter.

The last gift ideas in our list of 29 Best Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020 end with A Dads Decanter.

Give your dad the ultimate advanced drinking essentials with this gift.

You can engrave each item with up to 3 initials.

Decanter size is 1 Liter, the box is 8″ x 11″ x 5″ and the whiskey glass holds 8 oz.

You can store the steel ice cubes in the freezer in their holder.

Engrave it however you’d like and pow, an amazing guy gift anyone would appreciate.

With this, we end up the list of 29 Best Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020.

Hope this helped you out 🙂

If yes then please show your love in the comments box below also don’t forget to rate this blog.

Your suggestion is important to us 🙂

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Happy Gifting 🙂

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