Memorable Gift Ideas for First Birthday

“The soul is healed by being with children.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Babies are the Best Gift which God has given us 😉

Every parent wants their baby’s first birthday to be special.

Having a hard time deciding on a birthday present for baby’s first birthday? We can help. Check out our list of top baby gift ideas for the baby’s first birthday.

1.SmarTrike Recliner Infinity 5 in 1 Tricycle

unique birthday Gift Ideas

SmarTrike’s 5-in-1 Infinity reclining purple Tricycle is suitable for babies from 10 months to 3 years of age, adjusting and growing with your child.

With the lightest touch and smart patented Touch Steering Technology, the SmarTrike 5-in-1 Infinity trike maneuvers like a stroller, and is easy to steer one-handed by the parent until the child is old enough to navigate themselves.

It is one of the most useful First Birthday Gift for your baby.

2.Magic Pillow


magic pillow / unique birthday Gift Ideas

Kids are always amazed by anything new 😉

And this magical pillow will not only amaze the baby but also the parents too.

Get this amazon and customized it with your baby image with will be also close to him.

3.Smash Cake Photoshoot

unique birthday Gift Ideas - smash cake photoshoot

Pre Birthday Cake smash photoshoot is getting popular and it has a reason for that, it’s really memorable, and when it comes to smashing food no one does a better job than kids.

You can hire a professional photographer for that or just do it your self both are good.

It’s an amazing idea to make your baby’s first birthday memorable.

4.Print Memories

The small and soft hands and feet of the baby are so relaxing to even touch.

We think that’s the purest quality of the skin a human every has in the life cycle process.

So why not preserve these prints for always?

You can do that just follow these steps.

5. A Baby Color Pencil Painting.


cute baby color pencil sketch PORTRAIT

Preserve the memory of your child’s first birthday with a Beautiful Color Pencil Sketch Portrait.

A Color pencil sketch brings out every detailing of the precious expression of your baby child.

It’s common to have a simple Digital Portrait nowadays but a Handmade Portrait is something you will not find in every home.

We have a good recommendation for Portrait painting website 😉

Just follow some steps and get your self a custom handmade baby portrait painting painted.


6.Baby’s First 12 Months Frame

Seeing grow your little baby is feeling which cant be expressed 🙂

So preserve that memory forever, by having a photo of him or her with every stage of growth.

It is said that the baby’s bodies change a lot in the first 12th month of birth.

Capture every change by clicking a photo of your baby till her or his first birthday and memories it by framing it into a beautiful frame.

7.Mustache First Birthday

For the mustache lover dad there.

A cool t-shirt for his baby there. No just surprise the baby but his father too.

That’s a cool idea for a family photoshoot too 😉

This is one of the best Memorable Gift Ideas for First Birthday.

8.Golden Boy First Birthday Gift

We are in love with these shoes 😉

I can even get it for myself made.

For the purest heart like gold a golden graved canvas that will complete the baby’s first birthday attire.

9.Birthday Letters to My Baby

For the letter-writing fans there.

Express your feeling by noting it down in this birthday letter dairy and gift it to your baby when he is big.

We can’t even express or create that movement when he or she reads it.

10.An Investment


It’s a new trend nowadays and we think that’s a pretty smart gift.

Start an investment plan with your baby’s name on his first birthday and gift him or her on his 18th birthday a well-diversified portfolio.

There are many child investments plans around just consult your investment advisor.

A Memorable Gift Ideas for First Birthday which will be remembered ages later.

11. A Pet and Baby Caricature.

We know kids look like a cartoon and nowhere they are less than it 😉

So why not make your own custom cartoon caricature that he or she will enjoy seeing every time.

It’s an easy Jon nowadays just you have to give a good photo and the artist will do his job of converting the photo into a painting.

12.Family Outfit 

For the family photoshop lover and outfit that will have the photoshoot more memorable.

You can customize this as per your need.

That’s a gift for all 😉

13.A Custom Painting with Grandparents.


There is a special bond between a grandchild and grandparents and it cant be expressed in terms of words.

But we feel a Custom Portrait Painting can definitely capture the right emotions behind this relationship.

Sometimes, it happens that we want someone who has left us for a better place at heaven to get to meet the little child.

At least we can try to put them together in the form of a painting, a handmade portrait painting.

Yes, you can get that and all you have to do is get a good digital photo ( be it separate photos ) and our team will merge it together to create the movement.

All you have to do is follow some steps and your portrait painting from photo will be done with the best artist from around the world.

These Memorable Gift Ideas for First Birthday will be not only special to the birthday baby but to you too.


14.Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Piano

For the music-loving babies there.

Start the training earlier 😉

Just get this on amazon.

15.Palm Crayons

palm crayons - unique birthday Gift Ideas

Color is the thing that attracts the babies a lot and parents fear them swallowing it.

This child-friendly color doesn’t harm your baby even if they swallow it.

Get it now.

17. A Pet Dog

unique birthday Gift Ideas - a pet dog

We need not explain how beautiful a bond is created between your pet dog and your baby.

Dogs love baby and babies love dogs.

You can definitely think of getting them together as the dog not only safeguard the baby but also is a good crime partner of the baby 😉

18.Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Water Table

Kids love the water !!

Especially playing with it 😉

This would be the favorite time pass in the summers.

Get you’r now.

19.SmartMax My First Animal Train

You have to have some toys on the list 😉

So a toy train which not only indulges in play but also helps increase his or her knowledge.

Get it now.

20.Gund Flappy the Elephant

falphy the elephant - unique birthday Gift Ideas

The furry elephant will be the best as a company to your small baby as they don’t like to be alone.

This has fantastic music whenever someone touches it.

Get the furry now.

21.A Family Oil Painting Portrait.

FAMILY OIL portrait - unique birthday Gift Ideas

Remember the first birthday with a Family oil painting which will always preserve the movement of his or her first birthday.

Getting your self a portrait painting online is not hard stuff now.

All you have to do is follow some steps and the rest will be taken care of by the experts.

An oil painting of portrait on canvas looks most realistic in terms of any other style of painting as it replicates the human skin.

Get your Family Oil Painting from a photo at justincanvas.

This ends our list hope this helped.

For other gift ideas please check our other blogs.

Happy Gifting 🙂

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