Best and Unique Online Gift Ideas for your Husband

“Men are not so fond of gifts ”  – that’s all folk 😉

Everyone likes gifts, no matter what gender you are 😉 gifts are always welcomed.

So coming to the topic, if your searching for some unique gift for your husband on his birthday or your anniversary or father’s say, then this blog is what you needed.

Have a glance at the amazing ideas and get them for your husband.

1.Caricature Flask

For the whiskey lover there, what’s better than a flask to carry your favorite whiskey anywhere and anytime.

So some twist to the conventional flask is a caricature printed of your husband with his name and a small message.

This looks super cool and lots personalized one.

2.A Classic Family Oil Portrait Painting

In masterpiece OIL PORTRAIT PAINTING FROM PHOTO - unique gift ideas husband

Having a Full Family Portrait at our home is common, but having a custom handmade Oil Portrait Painting from a Digital photo is not.

Convert your family’s best digital image into the most Beautiful Handmade Family Oil Portrait.

At Justincanvas we offer many mergers of two images into one painting also.

You can choose a different medium such as acrylic or pencil or charcoal too.

This will be the most unique and Memorable Gift Ideas for your Husband.

View More Artwork

3.Wallet clip-Gift Ideas for your Husband

unique gift ideas husband - WALLET CLIP

This will make your husband’s card organization a little better.

You know how important cards are 😉

Especially in towards e-payment trade, we are too dependent on card payments.

So it’s becoming very much important to keep that safe and secure.

This wallet clip does the job very well.

4. Man Beard Grooming Kit.



unique gift ideas husband - GROMMING KIT

But there is a difference between an ordinary beard and a well-groomed beard.

Yes, that’s all your man needs to keep his beard in perfect shape. Don’t you think this the best anniversary gift for your husband?

How much a man loves his beard everybody knows that’s.

So gift your man a perfect set of Grooming Kit which holds him and his beard too.

5.Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

After all that work all day, your man deserves something comfortable to slip on his feet!

These are great for sore, achy feet, and can even help with plantar fasciitis.

Just a perfect pair of things to relax and recover waiting for your favorite Netflix series 😉 The Most Relaxing Gift Ideas for your Husband on the List.

Get your pair here

6.” Dad Established” Beer Glass

unique gift ideas husband - BEER GLASS


A totally customized pint beer glass for your man !!
For the beer-loving man there.
This pint glass offers double-sided etching for ultimate personalization.
With the date on which he was established as a “Dad”

7. A Barbeque Grill for the Meat lover.

unique gift ideas husband - BBQ GRILL


Barbeque a favorite outdoor activity of every Man!!

We all know that men may not be better at cooking but when it comes to barbeque “Men are Best”.

A perfect Grill Barbeque to place beside your pool.

Enjoy perfect grill meat at every pool party

8. Mini Tactical Tomahawk Hatchet



Be it for an adventure trip or just for security purpose this tomahawk hatchet not only looks great but also cuts well 😉

For all those hunting or just a carpenter thing or just a showpiece in the living room.

This tomahawk doesn’t disappoint you in any terms.

Get it now.

9.All in One Multipurpose Mini Tool


unique gift ideas husband - MULTIPURPOSE TOOL


No More carry around a whole toolbox when Multitool Hammer fits into your pocket.

No More constantly run back and forth to get tools.

Packed with multifunctional tools to assist with your men’s needs when working in Home improvement, Carpentry, and other DIY projects.

This  Gift Ideas for your Husband can help him create a lovely DIY Gift for you too 😉

10.Gillette Heated Razor

Get your man the most premium experience when it comes to shaving.

The world’s first heated razor will give him the soothing warm towel shave.

This kit consists of a heated razor handle, 2-5 blade refills, a magnetic wireless charging dock, and a smart plug.

Get it on Amazon now.

11.Your Wedding Oil Portrait Painting

Marriage pictures are special !!! Very Special 😉

So why not to convert this photo into a beautiful couple oil portrait painting.

Custom made oil portrait painting is one of the most beautiful and worth handmade gift for your husband on the list.

Oil Paintings are so pleasant to the eyes, the effect of light and color offered by oil painting makes the handmade portrait painting look realistic.

You don’t have to look for any portrait painters nearby, just land on our website @justincanvas with a good digital photo and rest leave to the experts.

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12.A Handy Travel Bag 


For Travelling loving man, travel comes everyday bag.

This Duffle bag can be used as a gym bag or luggage bag anything you want fits everywhere.

13.Personalized Whiskey Barrel Sign

unique gift ideas husband - WHISKEY BARREL SIGN

For the whiskey lover mans there.

A Perfect thing for their bar with their Name on the Top.

Just make them feel like the Best Blender in the world. 😉

14.An Army Lighter 

As the cigars are important as the lighter is!!!

So as just buns don’t go without patties that way cigars don’t go without lighter.

This custom made Lighter is perfect for the man who loves to hold their cigars in style 😉

15. A PS5 Console

PlayStation 5 Birthday Gift

For the gaming geeks there!!

A PS5 Console is every gamer dream there!!

So why not to gift your man this gaming machine.

Any aspiring home mixologist or cocktail connoisseur needs quality tools to get the job done.

This sleek set includes a jigger for measuring, a stirring spoon, and a stainless steel shaker that keeps drinks cool while blending them to perfection.

17.Bedside Caddy

For the night reader or late-night social media owl who keeps his gadget under the pillow.

No more hassle of misplacing your gadget or specs. This bedside caddy helps you keep your stuff safely while you get sleepy and feel lazy to place them on the table.

18.Men’s Negroni Smoking Slippers

unique gift ideas husband - SMOKING SLIPPERS

If he’s a cocktail-lover, this cheeky shaker and negroni-embossed pair will be sure to make him smile.

It’s just what he needs for lazy summer days sipping drinks by the pool.

unique gift ideas husband - BBQ SET

Time to bring up the heat!

This set marries his hot sauce and barbecue sauce obsessions with one fiery collection that includes Mango Habanero, Jalapeño Peach, and Ghost Chile Garlic.


He’ll love the modern acrylic frame and the portable size— at 20” x 20”, this game can fit on any tabletop and be transported easily to a friend’s house for an evening match.

21. His Favorite Pet Portrait Painting.

unique gift ideas husband - pet portrait from photo


From guarding our house to healing our stress, pets do that all without any expectations.

You always know how important a pet is in the family.

So why not memorize the picture of the selfless buddy forever in form of a beautiful Acrylic Pet Portrait Painting on canvas.

You can also consider getting yourself a Royal Pet Portrait Painting.

Some other mother like Pet Charcoal Sketch or Pet Oil Portrait Painting also goes well.

This would be a nice surprise Gift Ideas for your Husband.

View More Artwork

Hope this list adds up some more Unquie Ideas for your husband which you can easily get online.

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Happy Gifting 😉

Stay Connected 🙂

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