Get Yourself a Custom Paintings-Face swap,Compilation.

family portrait from multiple photos

Sometimes photos really get boring, so to make them a little interesting and fun, we got some Idea Fantastic Ideas to Get Yourself a Custom Paintings handpainted by professional and Real Artist around the world.

So without wasting much time, let’s get into the topic and list down the top customized portrait painting which you can get to make your photo to painting fun.

1.Face Swap to Famous Painting.


Sometimes we admire some people so much that we wanna see how would we look at their personality.

Or just we want to add our face to famous photos or paintings.

Face swap or replace the face feature of Justincanvas will help to get your dream to add your face to Famous Handmade Portrait Painting.

Just you need is a photo of the two pictures you wanna face swap and that’s all you have to do to get yourself a customized Portrait Painting from Photo.

This customization is offered free of charge on your portrait painting order.

This is one of the most ordered custom portrait paintings which adds a little bit of royalty and fun to old boring pictures.

2.Change the Background of the Photo.

REPLACE BACKGROUNDS of painting / custom portrait painting

Sometimes we end up liking an image so much but are not that happy with the background. So now you can replace the background of paintings with:-

The ” Replace the Background “ feature of justincanvas provides the right option to customize the background of your handmade painting from the photo.

In this feature, the editors first digitally edit the photo to remove the background and replace the background with require one. After approval from the client, the handpainted portrait painting starts.

Custom paintings are the real test of a professional and real artist, as they require proper skills and experience.

3.Compilation or Merged Portrait.

family portrait from individual photos

Sometimes we end up not having a Family Photo of all the members together. It might be sometimes like you want a picture of two people who haven’t met ever. Your deceased ones with the newborn members of your family. It can be done by photoshop or other editing software but that doesn’t justify the emotions behind the picture. So Justincanvas offers a Unique way to do this- A Handpainted Compilation or Merged Portrait Painting. 

In this process the photos are digitally edited first to settle down all the requirements then the painting process of the handpainted custom paintings starts. Creating a prototype helps to get you an estimate of what the Customized Portrait will look like.

You can check out the whole process of A Compilation or Merged Portrait here.

4.Old Photo Restoration.

photo restoration painting


We tend to find some old photos of our parents or some of the old memories of our childhood. These photos as in physical form suffer wear and tear along with time and as we have digital copy nowadays but it wasn’t the case in olden black and white days.

 Restore these memories and preserve them forever in form of a Handpainted Portrait painting. The wear and tear will be restored by a professional and Real Portrait Painting Artist who are well experienced in the restoration of old photos.

You can also convert your black and white photos into color with the proper guidance and experience of the Artist and support team at Justincanvas.

The restoration process is simple and most of the hassle is taken over by the team. This is the most demanding custom paintings at Justincanvas.

This all is customization in your custom portrait is offered with No Additional Cost. And with a great customer support team, which will be connected with you throughout the process.

You can also have a look at some fantastic artwork at Justincanvas.


Looking for a Suprise and Memorizing Gift, then A Portrait Painting from your Favorite Photo is what you need !!!!!!

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