How to get Commission work : Portrait Paintings

Art is appreciated by thousand around us but an artist only knows how he can earn a living from his art. So it often gets difficult to get a sufficient and proportioned flow of orders for the Artist all around the year. Earlier, the Artist was limited to geographical boundaries but due to the Great Social Media Market, an Artist can get clients from the world. 

In this blog, we will enlighten some of the tricks and means from which the Portrait Painting Artist can get some commission work surely.

1.Instagram Page Building.

Instagram is so much related to art as it is also a means of showing your art or life in form of photos.So why not as an Artist express your art of Handmade Portrait Painting through this medium. Marketing on Instagram is becoming a major source of sales not only to big bulls but also to the small fishes in the pond. Every local business person is using Instagram as a source of marketing that drives sales to his or her business.

As an Artist, you can also display your art and reach people around the world. And we know as the Market base expand so your customer base too expands.

Instagram Marketing has become so easy that you can do it by yourself like promotions of your post or advertising your products, without a need to hire someone initially.

If you wanna learn more about Instagram Marketing you can visit SocailMediaExaminer– a well know mentor to guide you right for free.

2.Creating a Website.

Online presence has helped millions of professionals around the world to expand their business to enormous heights. If you are an artist with a good customer base and want to step one further towards professionalism after a good Social Media presence, then creating a website gives a direct, easy & convenient platform to order for your customer.

Having a website not only helps in displaying the artwork of professionals portrait painters but also increasing the creditability  & faith the customer will have.

Building a website is advisable for Professional and Mature Artist who are focusing mainly on Handpainted Portrait painting commission work as their main source of living and wanna grow their existing customer base.

You can hire a professional for building a website or learn it by yourself( you don’t need to be a Coder though) Just have a look at the Article of WPBegginer which helps a lot to understand the basics of website building in WordPress.

3.Google and Facebook Advertisement.

The world is running towards and greatly influenced by Advertisements. Social Media advertisement have made it easy to reach the customer in another part to the world. And as the integration of these advertisement mediums is getting simpler day by day, any common man with a basic understanding of advertisement can run ads. As a Portrait painting artist, one is always in search of some commission work throughout the year and nothing is better to make this flow continuous than entering into a global market.

A Custom Portrait painting art is more valued in some parts of the world especially the USA. People tend to give more commission work to professional Portrait Painters online.

To get some basic knowledge about Facebook and Google advertisement you can have a look at adespresso article about this.

4.Get into work with some Painting Studios or ArtGallery.

Art Gallery and Painting Studios have a good client base. They do have some exhibitions around the year to exhibit artwork of different Artists and exhibitions can be a great source of commission work or a way to sell your custom paintings.

You can contact multiple Painting studios and art galleries to display your artwork. This cant be the main source of commission work but can be contributing factor to get the flow going.

5.Collaborate with Some Online Portrait Painting Websites.

portrait painting website

There are some online Handpainted Portrait painting websites that act as an aggregator. These websites mainly are in look of commission base working Portrait Painting Artist and tend to work on commission i.e project base working culture. There is no commitment and also the hassle of getting the new customers is passed on to the experts in the business.

You can surely consider this option to get commission work online as a Portrait painting Artist. Some of the best in the business are Justincanavas,Paintyourlife and Portraitflip.

We hope this article helps in some find.

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