Things to consider before Hiring Real artist to paint a picture

man painting oil portrait from photo

Looking to hire a Portrait Artist to paint a picture for you?-Then you surely need to read, “Things to consider before hiring Real artist to paint a picture “

Painting, specially portraits painting from photos that are very close to our heart needs to order by keeping a few things in mind before ordering one.

As the whole and soul of the painting depends upon the skills and competence of the artist, but wait?

How would you judge an artist? If you don’t have an artistic taste or background – No worries we are here to help you in that.

Just keep these things given below in mind before ordering a Portrait painting online.

1. The Quality check by Analysing past work.

past work analysis

We often end up liking some work on Instagram or Facebook, as this is the main source of marketing nowadays we tend to get the best in the market through this social media.

But as the market is getting flooded you need to be careful about the fraudulent activities which can be very easy to trap on such social media.

So it’s better to first analyze the past work of the artist, just scroll down his profile for some more portrait paintings and see comments of people in those.

As it is not easy to make a hand-painted portrait from photo, the skills and experience of the artist matter the most in this term.

Giving an extra penny is worth rather than compromising on the quality.

2. Choosing the Right Medium and Size for your Painting.

different types of painting medium

Thought of getting a painting portrait from photos but didn’t decide the medium in which to get that? That’s the second thing you should consider while hiring Real artist to paint

No worries this section solves this problem of yours!!

An anytime go will definitely be a photo to oil painting on canvas, as oil painting is something that goes with any portrait painting.

If you’re going for a child portrait or family portrait painting we would definitely recommend oil painting or acrylic painting as it enhances and expresses the bright colors.

But if you’re going for a memorial painting we would recommend going for a charcoal portrait painting as the black and white strokes perfectly memories the emotion.

If your getting a landscape painting or house painting then watercolors would be the best.

Then coming to the size of the portrait, a thump rule applies in all portrait paintings when considering size is the number of people included in the portrait painting.

The second goes the height and width of the wall your planning to get your portrait painting hanged or displayed.

Consider getting not more than 50% of the area of your wall occupied by the portrait painting. (Unless its a Family Portrait )

You can read more about the sizes chart here.

3. Customization expertization (If required in your painting).


Sometimes ist not only a replica of the photo to the painting, but it’s also about some customization in the painting.

Some of the examples of customizations are features like background change or face swap or merging different images into a single portrait etc.

This all customization requires special skills in regards to the imagination of the right thing that will work.

At least you should check with the artist his past experience in this type of customization.

Often the most required customization is of combining multiple images into a group portrait.

So is better to know the service offered like customization before hiring Real artist to paint.

4. Finishing Option Available.

FINISIHING OPTIONS OF PAINTING - custom portrait paint artist

This is almost the last step of the painting portrait, as many artists around the internet offer different finishing options like Framing the portrait or gallery wrap or just in a rolled form.

The only thing you have to consider is your budget here.

If you can get the portrait painting framed locally and save a few bucks then you should definitely go for a rolled one.

If you’re running short on time then don’t even think of getting it to frame outside just let the artist handle it all.

5. The Turnaround Timing.

turn around time - custom portrait paint artist

Most of the time a hand-painted portrait painting from photos is ordered as a surprise gift for someone special may be on a special occasion.

Considering photo to oil painting on canvas is the most time taking part in this segment as it takes a good amount of time for the oil to get settled properly on the canvas.

Other mediums don’t require as much time as an oil painting on canvas does.

But not all are particular about time, so considering this be alert and pre-confirm the turnaround time from the artist.

These are all you need to consider getting checked before getting a portrait painting online or portrait painting painted nearby you.

Hope this helps!!

You can check our website for some of the good artwork with all the above parameters duly followed 😉

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