Most Surprising Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

Most Surprising Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

A gift for someone on their birthday could be tricky, but gifting your girlfriend on her birthday can be trickier.

But Justincanvas is here for your rescue. We are here with a variety of gift ideas from which you can choose the best gift ideas for your girlfriend.

These gifts ought to be special and unique. There are many options available to give which are listed below which makes those good gift ideas for girlfriend.

1. Personalized Diary


Personalized Diary | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

This could be a unique gift for the girlfriend.

Well, not all boyfriends do this, giving a personal diary is definitely a very heart-winning a gift.

You can also add a picture of her or both of you to the first page of the diary making it more special.

This could be a cute gift for your girlfriend. You can also give her a memory diary which has all the pictures of your special moments spend together.

2. Personalized Wall Frame


Personalized Wall Frame| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

Decorating a wall with the most rememberable moments is such a priceless gift you can give to her.

If you are a bit artistic boyfriend, then you can do something like this.

Decorating her wall with beautiful memories can be a good gift ideas for girlfriend.

It is easy to give and a bit cool as well.

You can add up some light or colours and arrange the pictures as you want them to be.

3. Her Charcoal Sketch from Photo.


Charcoal Sketch from photo| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

Girls always love custom or handmade things, so why not gift her a custom portrait painting of her. You can get your hand-painted portrait painting from photo online at Justincanvas.

At Justincanvas we have professional artists that convert your favorite photo into a Portrait Painting.

A Charcoal Sketch can definitely put the emotions and cuteness of your girl on canvas. The black and white texture elaborates on the sweet and sour movements of your relationship.

Get it your love now.


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4.Photo Memory Frame


Photo Memory Frame| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

Another best way to express feelings for your loved ones is to give photo frames.

This can be a good way of expressing your feeling to someone in a creative way.

You can also give her many items that have photos on it, like a photo cube or a picture puzzle that can be the gift for her on her special day.

These can be in any way, a single photo frame, or multiple photos in a frame like a collage.

It also makes it a unique gift ideas for girlfriend.

5.Bucket of Gifts


Bucket of Gifts | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

If you are confused about what to give your girlfriend on her birthday and there are multiple stuff you want to give then arranging it in a basket/bucket it a good idea.

You can give small gifts according to your girlfriend’s age.

Say she is 22 so you can give 22 gifts altogether in a bucket/ basket. This will really make her heart melt.

This bucket will have a collection of gifts that you want to give to her all wrapped up beautifully.

6. Pets as Gifts


Pets as Gifts| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

. Yes, this is that gift which can melt even a boys’ heart.

There is nothing sweeter than gifting a living being to someone.

It may also be fish, rabbits, birds, or anything that cheers her up.

7. Jewelry Box


Jewelry Box | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

We know girls love jewelry and there love for it will be never-ending.

So why not to gift her an organizer that set her most precious jewelry and even showcase it properly.

It will not only organize the pieces of jewelry but also make her task easier to find the right pair with her attire for the day.

8.Locked Bracelet for Her


Bracelet | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

She will wear this locked bracelet and you are wearing the only key to open it, like a necklace. It’s a symbol of love and trust.

As she has locked your heart with her love and you are the only key to her heart !!

One of the most romantic gifts on the list of surprising gift ideas for your girlfriend.

9.Scratch-Off World Map


World tour map | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas



Tell her that you want to travel the world together. She will find this super romantic because it means you’re planning your future with her. Give her this map so she can scratch off all the countries you’ve visited.

10.Her Childhood portrait painting with her parents.

sister brother painting


Getting her childhood memory painted into a Baby Portrait painting can surely amaze her.

You can get an amazing oil baby portrait or Acrylic baby Portrait painting by just uploading a digital photo.

Thinking of getting a  Portrait painting done instead of digital photos itself is a unique idea. You don’t s see a portrait painting at everybody’s house nowadays.

You can hire a Portrait Painter nearby too for getting your self a perfect 100% handmade portrait painting or just visit our website we also do a pretty well job 😉


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11.Radio birthday wishes


Radio wishes | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

She will really like this surprise. You call the local radio station of the specifically tuned frequency which she always listens when at home or while traveling.

To give her a surprise call the radio station in advance and tell them to transmit her birthday wish on the radio station on the day of her birthday which she will listen to when she tunes on to the local frequency of her radio.

This will be an amazing surprise for her to listen to her birthday wishes being transmitted or relayed on the local radio station on the day of her birthday which will be heard by many listeners.

12.Tick-tock, its birthday clock


Tik Tok Gift | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

On her birthday she will receive many gifts from her friends, family members, and relatives. Keep all those gifts wrapped in gift paper and write a particular time for opening that gift.

Then open the gift one by one to its corresponding timing and give her a pleasant surprise for the gifts which she has received from her friends, guests, and relatives.

She will be very much happy to have this wonderful gifting surprise at her birthday party.

13.Rowboat ride


Row boat ride| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

She will just love her birthday surprise being celebrated in a cool rowboat ride that you have arranged for her.

You will decorate the rowboat with attractive balloons and ribbons, and then to add fun on your rowboat ride you place sparkling wine bottle and glasses to drink for both of you inside the rowboat which you will merrily enjoy while having the boat ride in the cool lake atmosphere.

She will just love and enjoy the surprise of having a ride on the rowboat with you as it will give her relaxation from the beautiful wonderful natural surroundings of the lake and from the ripples of lake water.

14.Gold Plated Rose


Gold plated rose| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

As lovely as roses are, sadly they wither and die. So for your anniversary, give her a bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed beautiful red roses, and one that will stay with her while all the others are gone.

There are versions of the everlasting rose available, we suggest you get her a gold plated rose.

This long-stemmed rose measuring around 10 cm is plated with 24K gold. Remaining every bright, this rose will be a constant reminder to your beloved about your love. Order it on Amazon.

15.A Customized Cutting Board


Unique_gift_for_her_cutting_board| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

Just an addition to complete your kitchen essentials. This custom made Cutting Board not only looks good but also is made of the finest material to last long.

We all know that women want their kitchen organized.

Just get your Classic Cutting board here.

16.A Map of the Stars


Map of star| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

“Maybe the stars with you ”  we hear people saying this?

Get a chance to actually capture the map of the Stars during any of your memorable movements.

Birthday, anniversary, First Date, Proposal Day ……… any of your special movements can now be memorized forever.

One of the most unique gifts for her.

Map your star here 

17.A SmartWatch As A Gift For Her.


SMART WATCH| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

SmartWatch for a Smart Lady 😉

This Apple Series 5( GPS,44mm ) Watch is not only one of the smartest but also one of the fastest in the market.

We are aware of how important are mail notifications for working women also how important it is to maintain your calorie around the day. This watch does that all.

For your heart rate monitoring to calorie count to keeping you notified about your important emails.


diamond EARRINGS | Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

A Diamond for the diamond of your life. We all aware of the love of her towards diamond it’s just the same as of men’s towards football 😉

This elegant hoops made with pure gold offers a timeless sophistication that she surely gonna wear it with pride for decades.

Radiant with 0.18 carats of diamonds, these earrings can be worn alone in the lobe or mixed and matched with other beautiful selections from the Joie de Viv collection.

We know its heavy on the pocket but remember that it’s a life long gift too. Means a gift that will last long not the only gift for rest life 😉

19. A First Date Oil Portrait Painting.


couple custom portrait| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas


For the Lovely Ladies there, a Lovely and handmade acrylic painting for her.

Customizing your photo to an acrylic painting is just easy as cutting a piece of cake !!

You do not have to search for portrait painting artists near you or an art station near you for getting your self a custom portrait painting.

All you have to do to get your memorial painting is visit our website.

And just choose the right size for your painting and upload a good quality digital photo you wanna get converted into a handmade acrylic portrait.

It’s a perfect gift for an occasion like First Date Anniversary, Valentine Day, Girlfriend’s Birthday, Proposal Day or an anytime gift 🙂


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20.Fondue Pot


Fondue pot| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

Melting cheese and Chocolate is super romantic sometimes 😉

For the foodie girls around this is the Yummiest Gift ever :0

This home fondue set is way capable of beating a candlelight dinner 😉

Get your Fondue ASAP.

21.Pamper Gold Box As A Gift For Her


Gold box| Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend | Justincanvas

Get her a Care Package that includes chocolate, a candle, a soft sleep mask, bath salts, and a nourishing face mask.
This package is a perfect gift for the person who can’t decide a single gift.
Have a set of multiple things for her.
Shop now to get your care package.
This ends our list of Most Surprising Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend.

Looking for a Suprise and Memorizing Gift, then A Portrait Painting from your Favorite Photo is what you need !!!!!!

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