How to get a Perfect Dog Portrait Painted

Pet hand Painted Portrait | paint my pet

Want a perfect Portrait for your Dog ??

We are here to provide the best idea to get a painting of your dog.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

For this precious friend, we got something special which will always be there expressing all memories.

We can get many different variants when it comes to dog painting portraits. We will be listing down some Best Ideas which top our list in painted portraits of dogs.

Occasions to get a Dog Portrait

  1.As a Birthday Gift

We want the birthday of our baby to be memorizing and a Handmade portrait will definitely be the best gift.

A customized painting of your dog will definitely hold the best as how your dog fills your life with colors, in the same manner, the portrait would contain all vibrant colors.

  2.The Welcome Home Anniversary

We all love the day when we got our pet home !!!!

Make this anniversary special by gifting a perfect memorable dog painting portraits

  3.Any Day Gift

Some times you don’t need any special day to gift someone special

Every day is a special day with your loving pet. Isn’t it?

Here are some types of Ideas for painted portraits of dogs.

  1.Royal Portrait

CUSTOM PET ACRYLIC royal PORTRAIT paintings/swap face with famous painting

A Royal Dog Portrait because they are the king of the house 😉

A nice idea than the usual dog painting portraits, get a different looking portrait that attracts attention.

This type of portraits is mainly done in acrylic painting and some of the artists can also provide oil painting of a dog in this format too.

The price range of such type of painting ranges from 150$ to 250$ depending on the size and quality.

There are many websites on the internet proving digital painting so if you are interested in digital prints you can check such websites too.

  2. Oil Painting of Dog.


An oil portrait painting allows the pet portrait artist to get a sorted mixture of some really complex shades and a beautiful texture to it.

Oil is usually the preferred choice of most artists as well as customers.

An oil painting needs a lot of patience as it has many layers and some of these layers take a really long time to set in.

This process is also referred to as oxidation.

Thus it can take up to several weeks for a pet portrait painting of this medium to get done or completed.

You also need to be really careful when it comes to taking care of this medium as it is really sensitive to light, heat, smoke and other surrounding factors

  3.Charcoal Sketch of Dog

PET CHARCOAL portrait paintings

Charcoal Sketch is mainly suited to our Black and whites friend 😉

Just Kidding !!!!

Its the best medium to get the most of the detailing as sometimes simple things pour the best out !!

Charcoal Sketch is also pocket friendly.

Also, it requires less care than oil and acrylic paintings do.

But you have to be careful of not smugging it

This will end our list of things you should consider before getting a dog painting portraits

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Happy Gifting 😉

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