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We all in our life have done different types of painting, may it be an oil painting or just a pencil sketch ?? Haven’t you tried ??

Yes, almost all of us have done painting from the Preschool to during this type of Lockdown due to the corona epidemic or the COVID-19.

Just on a lighter side, we can find the artist getting out of every second guy there out 😉

We would throw some more light about the different medium of paintings few among were used by our ancient sibling too 😉

1.Acrylic Painting


As compared to oil painting and pencil sketch, acrylic painting is the latest introduction to the game, it was mainly developed in the late 1940s.

As we all know how long it takes to dry up an oil painting the new medium was discover considered this fact. It dries up very fast as compared to oil paints.

It also creates less mess and can simply be wiped off if you spill it on the floor. So as compared to watercolor and oil paints, acrylics have lots of advantages.

It is becoming the first choice for portrait painting. If you’re considering getting an Acrylic Portrait Painting, surely is one of the Best Medium to get your photo to a painting done.

Some of the famous paintings of the world also were painted using acrylic colors. The most famous artist to use this medium was Vincent Van Gogh, who painted ‘Starry Night’. Pop artists like Andy Warhol also used this medium, even in his legendary creation of the ‘Campbell Soup Can’.

2.Oil Painting


The next on the list of types of painting medium is oil painting.

Oil paints as the name suggests, these paints are oil-based and mixed with turpentine or linseed oil before using them.

A long process indeed it is. An oil painting is just like seeing a plant grow it needs time and patience.

Talking about oil painting and we don’t land upon the World’s most famous painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci that’s not possible.

Yes, your guessing it right the  World most Famous Painting was painted using Oil Paint.

That was a portrait painting with oil paint.No doubt you can consider getting your photo to oil painting on canvas and feel like Mona Lisa 😉

But we can say that all those patience swoops of to the best in business. Yes, there is no match of the luminous and rich colors that comes out as it gets older.

No doubt why oil panting are considered with Wine 😉

3.Water Color Painting

The next type of painting style is Watercolor

Watercolors as the name suggest this color are mixed with water. Watercolors are comparatively inexpensive as oil and acrylic paints. One tub can go a long run since you have to mix it with water to create its signature effect

Watercolors are difficult to work out with, as once it’s on paper there’s no look back its not easy to make a change.

Watercolors are generally used to paint landscapes, abstract pieces or other subtle subjects that don’t require too much precision.

Some watercolor techniques include wet on wet, color lifting and flat washes.

A new technique arising is the slash effect in multiple editing software which resembles the effect of a watercolor painting

4. Charcoal or Graphite Pencil Sketch

friends custom portrait Charcoal Painting photo


Graphite pencils are similar in looks as to normal pencils, but they come at different intensity levels.

The ‘h’s are the lightest, whereas the pencils marked ‘b’s like 4b or 6b are the darkest.

Graphite pencils can be used by children too as they are easy to use and less messy as compare to paints.

This medium needs time to master as it requires shading, sketching and blending which needs experience as well as patience.

Charcoal also looks almost the same as a common pencil.

It comes in two variant -soft charcoal for blending and hard charcoal for sketching purposes. The charcoal sketch can be traced in ancient times to, in different walls of the caves.

These are the top five different types of painting mediums mostly used. There are other types also such as color pencil, pastel colors, etc.

Hope this blog helps you in gaining some interesting knowledge about the different medium of painting on canvas.

Some of the medium mentions above relate to the World’s Most Famous Painting Of All Time.

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