Best Wall Decor Ideas for Any Room – Creative and Simple

An empty wall is just like an empty canvas, waiting to be filled with art !! Wall Decor Ideas are Best to do that.

Confuse while searching or thinking about the best decor which will not only suit your wall color but your personality too?

We got some fantastic ideas which can help you out in that.

So let’s start to create not only a decor which will enhance the looks of your room but also which will spread a positive energy every time you sit and relax there.

1. A Couple Oil Portrait Painting from Photo

Wall Decor Ideas oil painting

A handmade portrait from photos is something unique from conventional digital portraits.

We all know photos have a special place in our life, every photo has a separate set of emotions attached to it.

An oil painting on canvas is the purest form of painting that reflects every single emotion attached to the image.

Express your love towards your partner by converting a couple photo to handmade portrait.

This Wall Decor Ideas best suits in the bedroom but you can also have a big portrait painted for your living room too.

2. Beaded Wall Hanging

Wall Decor Ideas Beaded Wall Hanging

For the tapestry loving persons, some more glam added to the stuff.

A beaded wall hanging which will enhance the looks of your wall.

While choosing a beaded wall hanging points to consider are the color of your wall and furniture should go with the hanging.

Also, try to choose a basic wall hanging with maximum of three colors.

3. Butterfly wall decor

Wall Decor Ideas Butterfly wall decor

The butterfly wall design is exclusive to living rooms, TV backgrounds, office rooms, children’s playrooms, and dining rooms.

Children love butterflies, especially the multicolored ones.

Consider beefing them in their playrooms to ward off boredom. Remember, different colors and sizes make the whole art more breathtaking.

4. Styled Wooden Ledge

Wall Decor Ideas Styled Wooden Ledge

This is the perfect option if you’re a person who likes to switch things up frequently.

Just keep on changing the materials upon and you got a new theme on.

We think just an empty wooden ledge also looks classic.

5. A Pet Charcoal Portrait

Wall Decor Ideas A Pet Charcoal Portrait

A Pet is one of the most loveable and cherishable members of the house.

So why not to capture the most innocent and cute look by a mean of pet charcoal portrait sketch.

A photo to charcoal painting is easy to get online now.

A custom painted pet portrait will not only memorize the little buddy but also will enhance the looks of your living or fireplace wall.

You don’t need to search for a pet portrait painter anymore to get yourself a custom pet painting, just click here to make the process smooth.

6. Tapestry Wall


The tapestry wall hangings contain bright colors and clear images that are eye-catching and so hard to avoid.

Made of super-soft yet durable material, they are easy to clean and dries faster. When washing the tapestries, please use cold water with zero bleaches.

The measures ensure that they remain very durable, wrinkle-free, retain shape, and maintain strength and elasticity.

7. Wall Shelves

Wall Decor Ideas Wall Shelves

Wall shelves will magically transform your space by arranging the essentials in an organized and vertical shape.

Wall shelves will comfortably pass the test of time as, thanks to their hardwoods and metal reinforcements.

Their installation is equally stress-free.

You should, however, be careful when drilling the walls and be able to distinguish between the left and the right brackets.

8. Ceiling Medallion

Wall Decor Ideas Ceiling Medallion

Buy an inexpensive ceiling medallion at a home improvement store to mount on your wall rather than the ceiling.

Paint or stain it to match your room’s color scheme.

Save some money by buying an old one and just give it a good paint.

9. Ceramic Plates Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas Ceramic Plates Decor

Why hide you’re fine china in the cabinet when you can show it off?

It’s a cost-effective idea for your dining area wall to look like an authenticated restaurant.

Tip for the idea will be to make sure your dining crockery matches the hanging plates.


10. A Family Acrylic Portrait Painting

Wall Decor Ideas A Family Acrylic Portrait Painting

We know its common to have family portraits on the wall of your living room.

So why are we suggesting it?

Well, we are not telling you to just get a digital photo frame with your family portrait, just go little back and have a handmade custom family portrait painting which definitely is not common nowadays.

A Family portrait painting looks royal and elegant in oil or acrylic paints.

You can get a family portrait painted online in a few steps and just two to three weeks’ timing.

We would definitely recommend going for a big size portrait.

11. Clock Wall Decor

Wall Decor Ideas Clock Wall Decor

The good thing about wall clock decors is that you can always supplement the looks with whichever an idea you have in mind.

You can surround it with a round wood frame, color the numbers, create matching paintings around it, and so forth.

Countless wall clock decoration products can make a whole difference to your home’s appearance.

When shopping, go for the noiseless and brightly colored ones.

12. Decorative lights

Wall Decor Ideas Decorative lights

There is lot of to choose from when it comes to lights.

Modern industrial wall lamps tend to be having a fair share of preference when it comes to wall decor ideas.

The window curtain lights are another wall decoration idea.

They’re waterproof and come in different modes, which you can alter using a remote control.

They make more sense when used during special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and wedding parties

13. DIY Craft Design


Wall Decor Ideas DIY Craft Design

For the simple art lover there or weaving experts, a simple design that will enhance the look of your living room.

Just look for some good design online and start weaving.

14. Framed Vintage Scarf

Wall Decor Ideas Framed Vintage Scarf

It is one of the easiest ideas just looking for a good design vintage scarf that goes with the other interior of your room.

And just frame it.

So simple but believe us it gives a whole lot different look to your living room.

15. Geometric Wall Art

Geometric Wall Art

Geometric wall arts fit in most indoor spaces such as office, kitchen, living room, and more.

There are rich tones of geometric shapes that you can choose to create a unique design only tailored for you.

You can break the design rules and create a shape that no one has ever seen before, and it will still produce an unquestionable stylishness.

16. A Royal Portrait Painting

Wall Decor Ideas A Royal Portrait Painting

We know how important were horses in the Royal Family Culture.

How elegant the portrait painting would look at the wall of the palace of the King.

Ever King would have a Personalized Portrait Painting with his favorite Horse.

Now you have the chance to make your horse lovers guy make feel like a King 😉

Just you have to do is find a good digital photo of both ( If you have him or her riding the horse then that perfect, if not we can merge then together, no worries).

The rest of the job for converting the two photos to a beautiful 100% handmade painting is the job of experts.

Your Custom Pet portrait will be delivered in a span of just 20 to 25 business days.

17. Metal Wall Decor

Wall Decor Ideas Metal Wall Decor

Metal artwork fit in merely all settings, including an office, a study room, a living room, a bedroom, or a bathroom.

They can be mounted on the wall using hooks, screws, nails, and hangers. The décor is a perfect gift to anyone.

From making maps to someone’s face outline, no limit for creations here.

18. Mirrors Wall Decor Ideas

Mirrors Wall Decor

Mirrors are ideal DIY wall decor ideas that will perfectly supplement the beauty of your living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, etc.

They are very safe around children and pets, and waterproof too.

Always look out for mirrors with metallic or wooden frames to enhance durability.

They come in different shapes and sizes, including geometric, rectangular, circular, windowpane, and so on.

19. Mounted Bicycles

Wall Decor Ideas Mounted Bicycles

Its for the biking lover, well you can get a bike for decor too;)

It’s a dual advantage idea.

First, it saves the space to keep your bicycle and also it enhances the looks of your empty wall.

20. OverSized Calendar

OverSized Calendar 

For the Time matter the most persons there.

Practical and pleasing to the eye, this oversized calendar is ideal for a family kitchen or personal office.

21. The Plant Person Wall Decor Ideas

The Plant Person

For the Nature lover person, feel the nature at you living room 😉

Breath the purest air with this fantastic wall decor idea.

A special tip will be to choose your plants accordingly as there are a variety of plants that will not damage your favorite wall.

22. Wooden Wall Design

Wooden Wall Design

The wooden world map design is of the most perfect wall decor ideas for your living room.

Relief maps are manually made in several dignified color schemes and different sizes.

Each map has instruction in the kit which explains how to attach the map to the wall without any difficulties.

Moreover, using the special buttons you can mark the countries you’ve already visited.


I hope all ideas helped you in choosing what will go with your room wall well.

If your planning to gift someone you can check out some of the amazing gifts ideas here:-

Happy Gifting 🙂

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