21+ Unique Gift Ideas for Her: Handmade Gifts,DIY Gifts,Birthday Gifts,Anniversary Gifts – 2020

Some Unquie Gift Ideas for her Because Ladies are important ………….. 😉

Yes, we got everything on the list whether you’re shopping from her birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, or just something special for your special lady, these anytime gifts for her are perfect for showing your love and care towards her.

Women make a valuable difference in life, be it your mother, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, grandmother, or a female best friend. So, a woman deserves to be celebrated and gifted.

Just enjoy surprising her with the amazing and unique gifts ideas below:-

Unique_gift_for_her_earning/unique handmade gift ideas

A Diamond for the diamond of your life. We all aware of the love of her towards diamond it’s just the same as of men’s towards football 😉

This elegant hoops made with pure gold offers a timeless sophistication that she surely gonna wear it with pride for decades.

Radiant with 0.18 carats of diamonds, these earrings can be worn alone in the lobe or mixed and matched with other beautiful selections from the Joie de Viv collection.

We know its heavy on the pocket but remember that its a life long gift too 😉 Means a gift that will last long not the only gift for rest life 😉

2.A Beautiful Acrylic Painting.

custom acrylic portrait / unique handmade gift ideas

For the Lovely Ladies there, a Lovely and handmade acrylic painting for her.

Customizing your picture to an acrylic painting is just easy as cutting a piece of cake !!

You do not have to search for painters near you or an art station near you for getting your self a custom painting.

All you have to do to get your memorial painting is visit our website.

And just choose the right size for your painting and upload a good quality digital photo you wanna get converted into a handmade acrylic portrait.

It’s a perfect gift for an occasion like Wedding Anniversary, Wife’s Birthday, Mother’s Day or an anytime gift 🙂

3. A French Coffee Press

Unique_gift_for_her_coffee_press / unique handmade gift ideas

For the Coffee Loving Ladies there !!

The Best Coffee Press in the market is all Coffee Lover needs.

As you know how important is the morning coffee for the Coffee Lover 😉

And if the start of the day is good then definitely the days end well. ( You don’t wanna end up messing with your girl with a bad mood 😉 )

4.A Customized Cutting Board


Just an addition to complete your kitchen essentials. This custom made Cutting Board not only looks good but also is made of the finest material to last long.

We all know that women want their kitchen organized.

Just get your Classic Cutting board here.

5.A Map of the Stars

Unique_gift_for_her_map_of__star / unique handmade gift ideas

“Maybe the stars with you ”  we hear people saying this?

Get a chance to actually capture the map of the Stars during any of your memorable movements.

Birthday, anniversary, First Date, Proposal Day ……… any of your special movements can now be memorized forever.

One of the most unique gifts for her.

Map your star here 

6.A Silk Pajama Set As A Gift For Her


Some comfort for the lady who always makes to feel comfortable.;)

These silk pajamas are not only comfortable to sleep in but also so stylish to make things jealous.

Plus this is machine washable too.

Get them now.

7.A New Winter Beanie

Best_gift_for_her_cap / unique handmade gift ideas

Get her ready for the tough winters. This cool and wool Beanie will not only keep her warm in those winters but also are very comfortable to wear as they are made of pure wool.

You can those pairs for your self too

8.A SmartWatch As A Gift For Her.


A SmartWatch for a Smart Lady 😉

This Apple Series 5( GPS,44mm ) Watch is not only one of the smartest but also one of the fastest in the market.

We are aware of how important are mail notifications for working women also how important it is to maintain your calorie around the day. This watch does that all.

For your heart rate monitoring to calorie count to keeping you notified about your important emails.

9. Her Parents Handmade Portrait Painting.

Family_Charcoal_Painting_From_Photo / unique handmade gift ideas


A Custom Painting Portrait of her Parents will be a perfect memory rewinder for her.

As we know that the lady remains away from her parents and how much she misses them.

A 100% Handmade Portrait Painting will surely define her love for her Parents.

Just to get yourself a custom handmade portrait painting you have to do is upload a good quality digital photo of her parents.

And the rest process of making a photo into handmade portrait painting will be taken care of by the experts 😉

10.A Flower Bouquet Subscription

A Flower Bouquet is the finest gift that never gets outdated or out fashioned;)

All ladies love flowers and also this one of the easiest and last-minute gifts we can get.

So why it is on our list?

Because it’s not about gifting her a single bouquet it’s about a Subscription of it 😉

Surprise her with it every weekend make her day start with a fresh assess of fresh flowers 🙂

You can easily get through your local flower vendor a subscription.

11.A Personalized Necklace For Her.

Best_gift_for_her_necklace / unique handmade gift ideas

All in one customized Neckless one of its kind for one of its kind ladies 😉

This Neckless comes in pure rose gold to pure platinum.

These are heavy on the pocket though but a life long gift too.

Get it from the store now

12.Fondue Pot


Melting cheese and Chocolate is super romantic sometimes 😉

For the foodie girls around this is the Yummiest Gift ever :0

This home fondue set is way capable of beating a candlelight dinner 😉

Get your Fondue ASAP.

13.Pamper Gold Box As A Gift For Her

Best_gift_for_her_magic_box / unique handmade gift ideas

Get her a Care Package that includes chocolate, a candle, a soft sleep mask, bath salts, and a nourishing face mask.
This package is a perfect gift for the person who can’t decide a single gift.
Have a set of multiple things for her.
Shop now to get your care package.

14.Renewing Rose Body Oil


A rose scented massage and body oil for her to relax her from all day long stress.
This Blend of coconut rose, sandalwood and neroli oils smell as warm and makes relaxed all the anxiety.
You can easily get it on amazon.

15.Cuvee Adriana ( A Bottle of Champagne)


A bottle of champagne is not only for anniversaries it can be enjoyed at birthday parties, family together, or for a candlelight romantic dinner with her.

A glitzy gold bottle can take all the attention at any party so it can also make your lady pay more attention to you 😉

Bring this Bottle home.

16.Soap Cherie Revitalized Bubble Bath

BEST_GIFT_FOR_HER_BUBBLE_BATH / unique handmade gift ideas

A self-care gift is the best and especially for ladies there out.

As wine and bathtub have a very relaxing combination we got this bubble bottle look like a wine bottle.

Enjoy the bubbles 😉

17.Champagne Saber


Opening a bottle of above bottle of champagne with this Sober ??

There is a reason why most of the romantic movies show opening the bottle fo champagne with this sober CZ that’s pretty awesome 😉

Gets that home now.

18.Japonica Persimmon and Coral CandleBEST_GIFT_FOR_HER_CANDLE_BOX

This Copper coated glass jar candle is not like the one you got to see in every bodies house.

Copper coated and have a sweet smell which sets her mood relaxed.

Get this now 

19. Her Childhood Portrait Painting.


Getting her childhood memory painted into a Baby Portrait painting can surely amaze her.

You can get an amazing oil baby portrait or Acrylic baby Portrait painting by just uploading a digital photo.

Thinking of getting a  Portrait painting done instead of digital photos itself is a unique idea. You don’t s see a portrait painting at every bodies house nowadays.

You can hire a Portrait Painter nearby too for getting your self a perfect 100% handmade portrait painting or just visit our website we also do a pretty well job 😉

20.N°5 L’Eau Spray


She will love this beautiful iconic perfume in her bathroom or at a personal wardrobe.

Anywhere it is placed the scent featuring rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang will make her day.

Get this Iconic perfume straight away.

21.Wooden Breakfast Tray


For all those lazy morning !!

This portable dining table is all you need to surprise her with an amazing breakfast ( Condition applied that you know to make a amazing breakfast 😉 or just know to order it 😉 )

Get this now.

This ends our list of some unique gifts for her.

Hope you got something for her in our list 🙂

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Happy Gifting 🙂

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