Most Useful Gifts Guide of 2021 – DIY Gifts ,Custom Made Gifts , Handmade Gifts , Unique Gifts & Many more

“It’s not the gift, it’s the thought behind gifting someone that counts “

We know gifting others is a culture now. From childhood to old age, we are always excited about some kind of gits from our special ones.

But while gifting others we get confused among the variety of gifts Ideas available in the market. Do you also face the same problem?

No worries we got the solution for that.

We after analyzing many options available for different types of gift ideas got some top items selected which tops the list in every category.

So without getting into much just get started with the Useful Gifts Guide:-

 – DIY Gifts Ideas

DIY( Do It Yourself) is getting more popular nowadays as they have a personal touch with the Gift.

Its budget-friendly too but needs a well and good time.

If you are good at craft and can manage some time then this is the best gift idea rather than just buying something.

Don’t worry about some unique ideas if you can’t land on it we got The Useful Gifts Guide you:-

1. Personalized Mini Calendar


A Personalized calendar is one of the easiest DIY Gift in our list though 😉

All you need is a Portable Calendar, some good glue and some of your most memorable photos (The main item of the making )

Just get yourself a portable calendar from the market, then collect some of the best photos as per the occasion you wanna gift, get them printed ( Note -Size of the images should be according to the calendar ).

After getting the printed just stick the photos on every month of the calendar.

You can also get some more creative to this ( One from our side is do remember to have special images for the month of birthdays and anniversary).

2. A Best Try, to Sketch them.

A HANDMADE SKETCH - unique custom gifts

Ummmm…..we got a little artistic though 😉

You can try this, at least by looking at some youtube videos of how to sketch from photo or painting from a photo.

Some basic ideas can help you get near to reality in the sketch, and rather you don’t have to be perfect too as the amateur art looks cooler.

It let the other person feel how much hard work you have done rather than this not being your ball game 🙂

We also got some experts here to get yourself the best portrait painting online, also they are 100% handmade portrait painting.

3. DIY Explore Box.

DIY EXPLORE BOX - unique custom gifts

We will not say how popular is this DIY Explore Box.

You can guess that, as the person whom you will be guessing what’s inside 😉

From chocolates to amazing letters, there is no end to this explorer box.

Just follow this video to make one for you.

 – Custom Made Gifts

A Custom made gifts are somewhat heavy on the pocket but it tells the other person that how important he or she is to you and how good you know the things they will like ( As this is the most important thing while selecting a custom gift for anyone, you should be aware of there likes and dislikes too)

So let’s get the best custom gifts ideas:-

1. A 3D Caricature Model 

unique custom gifts - 3D Caricature Model 

Freeze your happy movements with a replica of it, in the form of a toy !!

Who didn’t like toys in their childhood from transformers to barbie doll 🙂

Everyone in the house had their special attachment toward their toy collection.

So now have your own customized toy of your real superhero in life 😉

You can get this here.

2. A Customized Royal Oil Portrait.

Royal Family Portrait - unique custom gifts

In today’s world of 4K resolution, we got something that was the only mode of capturing anyone’s image.

Yes, we are talking about custom painting portraits.

In the olden day’s portrait painting was only done by Royal families, we do remember watching a King’s palace in the movie and as we enter the place there was a huge custom portrait painting of the Kings in the Center Hall.

Our home is no less than a palace for us;)

So if you have thought of getting something like custom made portraits we can surely say a Family portrait painting ( especially an oil portrait painting will be suggested )

You can search for local portrait painters near you or just visit justincanvas

Justincanvas is a website that offers portrait painting in different forms such as Oil Portrait Painting, Acrylic Portrait Painting, Charcoal Portrait Painting, and Pencil Sketch too.

The Price charge for the custom 100% handmade portrait range from $100 to $500.

This is something Unquie on the list of Useful Gifts Guide of 2021

3. Personalized Wooden Gifts.

unique custom gifts

“Touch wood,”  this quote tells us how lucky we find the pice of wood in the traditions.

So keeping the old tradition alive with a new version of it, we got all customize personal apparel made of fine wood which will always be with you or your loved one as a Lucky Charm. ( Note- All wood used to make the products are of dead Tress)

You can get a customized set of personal apparel such as a Wooden Diary, a wooden pen, and a Wooden Mobile Case.

Order now and be blessed always.

 – Handmade Gifts.

In the world of machines, there are very few items that are handmade especially when it comes to gifts.

We can get thousands of gift items, from digitally printed photos on mugs to buying a car for anyone.

But there are still people in this world who prefer handmade things over machine-made.

If your looking for a gift of the above category people the best will be the DIY Gifts ideas given above but, if you’re running short on time so there are other people who can do the work for you.

We have sorted dome of the best website for 100% Handmade Gifts on our list of the most useful Gifts Guide-2020:-

1. Edysons For Brass made Gifts.

If you like metals then you are on the right page as this website makes custom-made gifts from brass and that too all handmade.

You can check out their website for some of the exciting custom art they have made for their customers.

From custom-made pendents to custom-made toys they have it all.

Definitely a good one to check for if like handmade carving on metals.

2. JustInCanvas for 100% Handmade Portrait Paintings


COLOUR PENCIL COLLAGE - unique custom gifts

If you are looking for a 100% Handmade Portrait painting for any occasion it may be, then justincanvas are one of the top websites which have a team of professional artists who can paint a realistic portrait painting from a photo for you.

There no much hustle needed from your side, you just have to provide a good quality digital photo of the person you are desiring to get a portrait painting painted.

Be it a pet portrait painting or Baby portrait painting, they do it all ( Royal Pet Portrait Painting is also trending now).

Just choose the right medium i.e the form you wanna get your portrait painted ( ex- Oil portrait Painting, Charcoal Painting, etc)

If you are confused don’t worry the team would suggest wonderful ideas according to the portrait you wanna get painted.

Just follow the steps to get yourself the finest custom handmade portrait painting done.


This ends up our Useful Gifts Guide in the category of DIY, Custom, and Handmade Gifts.

I hope you ended up getting some ideas.

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