Best New Year Gift Guide for Your Loved ones-2021

Best New Year Gift Guide for Your Loved ones-2021

               The Year is here to end and we know how this year of 2020 went out. But this year tough us the most precious lesson of life that “If you don’t respect what you have, then there will be a time you will regret doing that”. So express your gratitude towards the greatest Gift of God to humans i.e Relationships, and there is no other time to express your Gratitude than the Gifting session.

              This new year get the most desired new year gifts for your loved one with Justincanavas -Best New Year Gift Guide for Your Loved ones-2021.This guide contains the Best Gifts on the Internet for everyone around you.

              So let us start the Best New Year Gift Guide for Your Loved ones-2021

1.Romantic New Year Gift for Girlfriend.

               A gift for someone on their birthday could be tricky, but gifting your girlfriend on her can be trickier. So this New Year Santa comes with a guide for you to help you out to find the most Romantic New Year Gift for your Girlfriend.

a.Her Charcoal Sketch by Professional Artist.

Customer Review | Justincanvas | Customized Pencil Sketch From Photo

Girls always love custom or handmade things, so why not gift her a custom portrait painting of her. You can get your hand-painted portrait painting from photo online at Justincanvas.

At Justincanvas we have professional artists that convert your favorite photo into a Portrait Painting.

A Charcoal Sketch can definitely put the emotions and cuteness of your girl on canvas. The black and white texture elaborates on the sweet and sour movements of your relationship.

Get it for your love now as a Suprise New Year Gift.

b.Jewelry Box

We know girls love jewelry and their love for it will be never-ending.

So why not to gift her an organizer that set her most precious jewelry and even showcase it properly.

It will not only organize the pieces of jewelry but also make her task easier to find the right pair with her attire for the day.

This one isf the most unexpected Gift for your Girlfriend this New Year.

c.Gold Plated Rose

As lovely as roses are, sadly they wither and die. So for your anniversary, give her a bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed beautiful red roses, and one that will stay with her while all the others are gone.

There are versions of the everlasting rose available, we suggest you get her a gold plated rose.

This long-stemmed rose measuring around 10 cm is plated with 24K gold. Remaining every bright, this rose will be a constant reminder to your beloved about your love. Order it on Amazon.

d. A First Date Oil Portrait Painting.

Memorize the First Date movement forever this New Year.

For the Lovely Ladies there, a Lovely and handmade acrylic painting for her.

Customizing your photo to an acrylic painting is just easy as cutting a piece of cake !!

You do not have to search for portrait painting artists near you or an art station near you for getting your self a custom portrait painting.

All you have to do to get your memorial painting is visit our website.

And just choose the right size for your painting and upload a good quality digital photo you wanna get converted into a handmade acrylic portrait.

It’s a perfect Gift to start this New Year🙂

e.A Map of the Stars

“Maybe the stars with you ”  we hear people saying this?

Get a chance to actually capture the map of the Stars during any of your memorable movements.

Birthday, anniversary, First Date, Proposal Day ……… any of your special movements can now be memorized forever.

One of the most Unique New Year gifts for her.

Map your star here 

2.Suprise New Year Gift for Boyfriend.

Because boyfriends are also important 😀 . Get the most customized Gift for your Boyfriend to surprise him this New Year.

a.Caricature Flask

Mans and their love for whiskey are just live women and their love for shopping.

For the whiskey lover there, what’s better than a flask to carry your favorite whiskey anywhere and anytime.

So some twist to the conventional flask is a caricature printed of your husband with his name and a small message.

This looks super cool and lots of personalized ones. You can surprise your Boyfriend with a duo of this flask with him and his Best friend printed on them as a Suprise New Year Gift.

b.A Biker Hand Painted Portrait Painting. 

Customised birthday gift Color Pencil painting

If Bike is the second Girfriend of your Boyfriend then why not gift him a Customized handpainted Portrait painting with his customized bike.

You can get hand painted portrait painting from his most stylish photo with his Bike. Whether he is a Harley Davidson fan or a Ducatti Guy, at just in canvas we got some of the most Professional Portrait Painting artists who are best in the business.

You can also get your Portrait painting framed and Suprise him this New year.

c.Lock your Love Ornaments


You will wear this locked bracelet and he will wear the only key to open it, like a necklace. It’s a symbol of love and trust.

As you have locked his heart with your love and he is the only key to your heart !!

One of the most romantic and surprise New Year gifts on the list.

d.A Couple Caricature Model 


Caricature !!!

We all loved the small toys, may it be of Captain America or Barbie.

So why not gift him his and your customized caricature 3D Model?

Let him be the superhero this New Year !!!!!

e.Personalized Whiskey Barrel Sign

For the whiskey lover mans there.

If your Man has a Bar at home then this would the most Surprising New Year Gift for Him

A Perfect thing for their bar with their Name on the Top.

Just make them feel like the Best Blender in the world.

3.Memorable New Year Gift for Friends.

a.Bedside Caddy

For the night reader or late-night social media owl who keeps his gadget under the pillow.

No more hassle of misplacing your gadget or specs. This bedside caddy helps you keep your stuff safely while you get sleepy and feel lazy to place them on the table.

You can get this as a lazy friend’s New year gift.

b.Best Friend’s Childhood Portrait.

baby GIRL acrylic portrait


This birthday surprises your best friend with his or her childhood portrait painting from a beautiful photo.

How cute we looked in our childhood 😉 Rememerizing that cuteness on his or her birthday will be the most amazing gift idea.

baby portrait painting would look more pleasing and adorable if it’s painted specially in oil painting or acrylic painting.

Now you can get a portrait painting painted online in just a few steps. No worries about finding a nearby portrait painter and explaining the stuff.

All you need is a digital copy of the painting you wanna get painted and you are ready to get your custom baby portrait.

c.Best Friend Flask

For the drunk movement partner friend or partner in crime friend, just capture that movement on a whiskey flask that will always remind him or her about the drunken movement together.

It can be customized as per your requirement like text or style of images.

One of the most memorable best friend’s new year gifts on the list.

d.Junk Food Nail Decals

There is a friend who lives to eat 😉

So for the food truck of your group or the junk food lover friend, these junk food decals are a special touch on his or her birthday.

Looking for a little something extra to stuff in your BFF’s holiday card?

These adorable junk food nail decals, featuring images of tacos, Sriracha, pizza, and more, are the creative extra touch your gift is looking for.

e.Friends collage.

This DIY Best Birthday Gift in the list around.

What is better than photos to remember all the lovely movements together.

I’m digging this picture frame and think it would be such a fun way to memorialize a friendship or relationship that has blossomed through the years.

4. New Year Gift Ideas for Wife.


Occasions don’t end, so thus gifting.

And we know how much ladies hate repeated gifts.

You better don’t dare to repeat the gifts 😉 don’t worry just have a look at the list down and your hustle of finding a new gift for your wife will have some more ideas added 😉 this New Year-2021.

a. A Charcoal Anniversary Portrait Painting.

couple aniversary charcoal portrait

The movement of marriage is always special for every woman.

So why not to capture this movement with a beautiful piece of artwork.

A Hand-drawn Charcoal Anniversary Portrait would be the best when it comes to manifest the right emotions.

This can be the best anniversary gift for your wife, as it’s a totally 100% Handmade photo to painting stuff.

Getting yourself a Handpainted Portrait Painting online isn’t a tough job now.

Just visit justincanvas website and within a few clicks, you can get your portrait painting procedure completed.

This would be the Best New Year Gift for your wife.

b. Personalized Wooden Gifts.

“Touch wood,”  this quote tells us how lucky we find the pice of wood in the traditions.

So keeping the old tradition alive with a new version of it, we got all customize personal apparel made of fine wood which will always be with you or your loved one as a Lucky Charm. ( Note- All wood used to make the products are of dead Tress)

You can get a customized set of personal apparel such as a Wooden Diary, a wooden pen, and a Wooden Mobile Case.

It’s best for an anniversary gift or as a birthday gift.

Order now and be blessed always.

c.A Zodiac Pendant

Give your wife an elegant necklace she can wear alone or layer with other pieces.

This gold bauble pays tribute to her zodiac sign in the prettiest, understated way.

If she’s always reading her horoscope, you know she’ll like this gift—especially for this new year as a Lucky charm Gift for her.

d.What I Love About You Fill in the Love Book

Sometimes, all it really takes is reminding her why she’s your wife in the first place.

This little book contains sweet and fun prompts, like “What’s the weird thing you like about her .” 😉

You have the freedom to make it as mushy or humorous as you want.

e.Your Baby Oil Portrait Painting


cute baby color pencil sketch PORTRAIT
turn your babies memories in to custom handmade portrait

Children are the most precious thing for any mother.

And there is nothing beautiful than a relationship between a mother and her baby.

Gift your wife a custom made Baby Oil Portrait Painting of your child which will capture the journey of parenting.

Painting an Oil Portrait on canvas is just like parenting, requires a vision, a sense of care, considerable time, and of course lots of patience 😉

So we can say that a Baby Oil Portrait Painting on canvas will be the perfect gift for her.

No need to find any nearby portrait painter, just visit justincanvas website and within a few weeks, you would get your custom portrait painting from a photo delivered to your doorstep.

5. New Year Gift Ideas For Husband.

“Men are not so fond of gifts ”  – that’s all folk 😉

Everyone likes gifts, no matter what gender you are 😉 gifts are always welcomed

a.A Classic Family Oil Portrait Painting

In masterpiece OIL PORTRAIT PAINTING FROM PHOTO - unique gift ideas husband

Having a Full Family Portrait at our home is common, but having a custom handmade Oil Portrait Painting from a Digital photo is not.

Convert your family’s best digital image into the most Beautiful Handmade Family Oil Portrait.

At Justincanvas we offer many mergers of two images into one painting also.

You can choose a different medium such as acrylic or pencil or charcoal too.

This can be the Most Memorial New Year Gift for Him.

b.” Dad Established” Beer Glass

unique gift ideas husband - BEER GLASS


A totally customized pint beer glass for your man !!
For the beer-loving man there.
This pint glass offers double-sided etching for ultimate personalization.
With the date on which he was established as a “Dad”

c.Gillette Heated Razor

Get your man the most premium experience when it comes to shaving.

The world’s first heated razor will give him the soothing warm towel shave.

This kit consists of a heated razor handle, 2-5 blade refills, a magnetic wireless charging dock, and a smart plug.

Get it on Amazon now.

d.Your Wedding Oil Portrait Painting

couple aniversary oil portrait - unique gift ideas husband

Marriage pictures are special !!! Very Special 😉

So why not to convert this photo into a beautiful couple oil portrait painting.

Custom made oil portrait painting is one of the most beautiful and worth handmade gift for your husband on the list.

Oil Paintings are so pleasant to the eyes, the effect of light and color offered by oil painting makes the handmade portrait painting look realistic.

You don’t have to look for any portrait painters nearby, just land on our website @justincanvas with a good digital photo and rest leave to the experts.

Looking for a Suprise and Memorizing Gift, then A Portrait Painting from your Favorite Photo is what you need !!!!!!

View More Artwork

” target=””]

e.Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

After all that work all day, your man deserves something comfortable to slip on his feet!

These are great for sore, achy feet, and can even help with plantar fasciitis.

Just a perfect pair of things to relax and recover waiting for your favorite Netflix series 😉

Get your pair here

6.Cute New Year Gift Ideas for Babies.

If you’re ready to get your Holiday shopping underway, but you’re not sure what to buy for all the kids on your list, we’ve got you covered. From the hottest new toys out this year to old favorites from years past, we tested everything to ensure that every item on our list is something kids will actually want, from toddlers to pre-teens. Get the Best New Year Gift for your children !!


a.A Baby Hand-painted Oil Portrait Painting 

Hand-PAinted Baby Portraits

Childhood is something which is considered as the best period of human life. The innocence on the face of a child is priceless, so why not to perverse this priceless expression by converting custom portrait painting from photo.

Yes, you can now hire an artist to paint a handpainted portrait from photos online too. At Justincanvas anyone can get their photos turned into beautiful custom handpainted portraits in just a few steps.

And the Best part is you don’t need to have fine knowledge about paintings, their sales team leads you to the best suitable artwork in terms of choosing the right medium and size as per your requirement.

You can have a look at the Memories created by them.

b.Hot Wheels Garage

Car enthusiasts can store their favorite toy automobiles in the gnarly Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage before sending their speed machines down winding slides! The set features 36 parking spaces, as well as lights, sounds, and other cool components for toy vehicles! $200,

c.For tweens: A kid-friendly Amazon Fire tablet

The Amazon Fire 8 Kids edition is our favorite tablet for kids, thanks to how easy it is to set-up and use. It also comes with plenty of pre-installed apps and videos so that you won’t be forced to spend your entire Holiday break downloading—and purchasing—a boat load of games for your kid.

The Fire 8 Kids Edition also comes with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which provides access to more than 13,000 age-appropriate games, apps, videos and books.

d.Dino Ride

.Dino Ride

Toddlers can take a literal ride on the wild side with a portable triceratops that they can also feed. Who could say no to hanging out with a dino? $79, 

So this end up the List of Best New Year Gift Guide for Your Lg oved ones-2021.

For other gift ideas please check our other blogs.

Looking for a Suprise and Memorizing Gift, then A Portrait Painting from your Favorite Photo is what you need !!!!!!

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Happy Gifting 🙂

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